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How To Clean A Leather Wallet

How To Clean A Leather Wallet

Why should you clean your leather wallet? Leather wallets are one of the many items used every day my mostly everyone. It is convenient and can fit in any bag or back pocket. However, because of its everyday use wallets are prone to wear and tear. Even wallets that are made out of leather are no exception. That is why it is important to know how to clean your leather wallet.

Even the highest quality of leather can get dirty. Moreover, there is another problem that ruins the beauty of the leather; stains. Stains are messy and awful. They are difficult to remove and often leave a permanent mark on the fabric. Sweat is what usually causes stain on a leather wallet. However, there is no need to worry. We will show you how to properly clean your leather wallet and keep it in good condition too.

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Before You Clean Your Leather Wallet

Before you clean your leather wallet here are some important things to remember. These reminders are important in order to avoid damaging the fabric during the cleaning process.

What To Use and Not To Use

Leather is very strong, yet it is at the same time delicate. It is very important to point out that not every cleaning agent or solution is for cleaning leather wallets. Using the wrong cleaning solution or agent might ruin the fabric. Stay away from alkaline cleaners such as baby wipes or sanitizing wipes. We recommend that in cleaning your leather wallet you use a leather cleaner or saddle soap.

Use Your Hands

This is important to remember. Never clean your leather wallet on the washing machine. The constant motion inside the machine is bad for the leather. This may damage the whole wallet. That is why we recommend hand washing only if possible.


Of course, in cleaning your leather wallet you are going to need more than just a leather cleaner. Here is a list of what you will need to clean and maintain your leather wallet.

  • Soft and Dry Clean Cloths (3-4);
  • Dry Paper Towel
  • Leather Cleaner or Saddle Soap
  • Leather Conditioner

Cleaning Your Leather Wallet

Cleaning your leather wallet is simple if you follow these simple steps. With these sure-fire tips, you can clean your leather wallet in no time. Hopefully, it stays clean for a longer period too.

Take Everything Out

The first step is to obviously to empty your wallet and take everything out. Take out all the cash, debit and credit cards, ID cards, and any other items inside your wallet before proceeding. Although it is not necessary, it is advisable to use a straw to blow any lint or tiny particles that are left inside.

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The next step in is to wipe your wallet with a dry cloth.

If there is a fresh stain on your wallet you can use a dry paper towel to wipe it as soon as possible. Even if the stain does not fully come off be sure to wipe it as much as possible. For dry stains, you can try to rub it off by applying a few drops of alcohol. For stains caused by oil or grease, you may use a damp paper towel and talcum powder to try and remove the stain. If the stain still stays, remove it as much as possible.

After attempting to remove any stains, wipe the leather wallet again with a dry cloth.

Hand Washing You Leather Wallet

The easiest and preferably the only way to clean a leather wallet is by hand. So the next step is to use a damp cloth to moisten the surface. Then apply either a saddle soap or leather cleaner to the moistened leather surface. If you have neither saddle soap nor leather cleaner there is no need to worry. Mild shampoo or baby soap can be used to replace either of the two. Make sure to apply only a small quantity of soap to a damp cloth. Dab the damp cloth to the wallet thereafter.

Be gentle with the leather wallet. Try to rub the surface lightly and avoid rough strokes. Clean the surface area as thoroughly as possible. This will remove most if not all of the dust and grime from the wallet. Be patient when it comes to areas with tough stains. These stains might seem stubborn, however, the soap will help remove them with ease.

For tougher stains, you can use a brush with stiff bristles. Work in a small circular motion in brushing off the stains. Keep in mind not to put too much pressure on the seams of the leather wallet. Brushing too hard might undo the seems or ruin the fabric.

Make sure to clean the inside of your wallet as well!

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Rinsing the Soap

After thoroughly rubbing and brushing off all the grime, dirt, and stain we proceed to rinse the entire wallet. It is not advisable to submerge the entire wallet in water as it may damage the fabric.

Let It Dry

Maintaining Your Leather Wallet be sure to wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Remember to always be gentle in wiping and never use any sort of abrasive cloth as it could scratch the leather. It is equally important to leave your wallet to dry in a cool and dry area overnight even if you have already wiped it dry. Make sure not to place it under direct sunlight.

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Maintaining Your Leather Wallet

Of course, to clean a leather wallet does not only mean removing any dirt or stain on it. It is also about maintaining that beautiful leather strength and beauty. Apply a generous amount of leather conditioner and gently massage it into the leather will. This will not only give the leather a beautiful shine but it will also protect it from drying our and stiffening. This will also make it stronger and consequently extend the life of your leather wallet. It is advisable to clean your leather wallet at least twice a year.

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