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What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is a unique type of leather that undoubtedly stands out from the rest and its name comes from the leather that is used for the elaboration of saddles and which is also known as “Silla Leather”.

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is actually made of the highest quality full grain cowhide which guarantees that it will withstand many years of use and abuse. Full grain cow leather is the strongest and most durable leather, which implies that it will only intensify its wonderful charm over time.

Crazy horse leather is obtained by applying a special type of wax to a full grain cowhide surface that has been polished and softened, which gives it particular qualities and characteristics that are different from any other type of leather. This procedure results in the friction of the treated area changing its color. The change in its texture is not only immediate, but also allows it to change over time, sporting an ancient effect.

Crazy Horse leather will absorb the natural oils from your hands, this natural process will make the leather develop a shiny layer making the product look even more wonderful than before adding character to the chosen piece. When you suffer a scratch, it will change color and give it a worn appearance. This allows you to make your new article look robust and mature.


What makes Crazy Horse Leather so special?

Its handmade process is what makes Crazy Horse Leather so special and keeps it beautiful day after day. The most important feature is wax, which is highly resistant to water and other liquids, which when applied to leather, protects the fibers much better than other substances used in common leather goods. We know that Crazy Horse leather bags still look great after 20 years or more, with the strong leather straps that still look great. If you think about how beautiful saddles can be seen after enduring years and years of use, understand how our Crazy Horse leather bags can be so durable.


What is Crazy Horse Leather? Steel Horse Leather


Nor does it stain fabrics or clothes. Because of this, it is the ideal leather option to make vintage-style leather bags. Each crazy horse leather bag is handmade by hand, therefore, all Crazy Horse Leather bags are unique due to their individual manufacturing process and the fact that they are made entirely of natural material, therefore, each bag It is made with a slightly different color.



How is crazy horse leather made?

Crazy Horse Leather is made with the highest quality materials, supplied by the best suppliers in the field. The leather used is full grain cowhide that is of the highest quality in terms of color and strength.

Crazy horse leather is made by applying a thick layer of a special type of wax to a full grain cowhide surface that has been smoothed and polished to give it a shiny and smooth feel. The wax will improve the fibers of the leather and cause small changes in the tone, shape and appearance of the material. This gives it a timeless appearance that ages beautifully over time, to increase the vintage look that Crazy Horse Leather is known for.

Through the process that is applied to full grain cowhide, it is guaranteed that this leather will withstand many years of use and abuse without wear.


What are the advantages of Crazy Horse Leather?

The wax coating used in Crazy Horse Leather makes it extremely resistant to weathering, it also makes it very durable capable of resisting wear. The wax also protects the leather from damage related to water or moisture, therefore, the water will not damage it.

The good thing about Crazy Horse Leather is that each bag is unique due to the wax and special manufacturing that makes each bag distinctive, causing the items to look worn and rustic, quickly developing their own appearance and character with regular use.

Naturally, crazy horse leather can accumulate some scratches with the daily routine, therefore, rubbed and scratched areas can change in color tones, but this will only improve the vintage look of the bags, allowing the beauty of the Leather be the real attraction.

Crazy Horse Leather Backpack

Crazy Horse Leather is also extremely strong and durable because it is made with excellent quality full grain cowhide, so it will withstand many years of use. We choose this type of leather to make our bags because it can resist the friction and abuse that saddles support, while improving their beauty and appearance over the years. Traditional leather bags can begin to harden, crack or break, after only one or two years of use if you take care of yourself regularly. The durability comes from the wax that is applied to the leather. A Crazy Horse leather bag can last decades with very little maintenance and care. So even when it changes color, the durability of the leather remains the same.