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Why Is It Called A Dopp Kit?

Why Is It Called A Dopp Kit?

Why Is It Called A Dopp Kit?

Have you ever heard of a Dopp kit? No? Well, it is quite popular however its name is quite not familiar to many. Now you may be asking if it is so popular what is it exactly? Moreover, why is it called a Dopp kit, to begin with? To answer these questions it is only right that we dive into its history and how it came to be.

What Is A Dopp Kit?

It is a small toiletry bag that stores both men and women’s grooming supplies. It is practical and convenient because of its size. This is because its use is usually for travelers and for those who are frequently on the go. A bag small enough to fit inside another bag is a necessity for travelers. It usually holds essential toiletries such as a razor, shaving cream, a comb, deodorant, soap, moisturizers, a toothbrush, soap, and nail clippers. However, the list of what can be stored inside the bag goes on. Today the uses of the Dopp kit are not only for storing grooming supplies for men and women. There are alternative ways to use this small bag. Such as using the bag to store medical supplies such as a digital thermometer and a stethoscope. The possibilities are endless as long as it fits inside.

What is made of?

Originally, the first Dopp kits were introduced as leather, the inventor being a leather craftsman and all. However, today many sorts of fabric are available to create this bag. Some are made from waxed canvas while some still prefer leather. Furthermore, the modern design of the kit features a special lining that prevents water from getting in and out of the bag. This is important especially when there are spill inside the kit and may leak outside and tarnish other contents of your bag.

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How small is it?

Its early design was for the bag to be small. Enough to fit only the most essential toiletry items. However, today its size may vary as it will depend on what you want to fit inside. For others, a small Dopp kit may not be enough to contain all their essentials therefore a larger one is required. Especially when there are some cosmetic products that do not offer smaller containers. However, for some, a larger Dopp kit may defeat its purpose which is primarily to carry as little as possible. Regardless of which size, as long as it is convenient for you to carry there is nothing to discuss.

Leather Dopp Kit
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How Did It Get Its Name?

To answer that question we go back to the origins of the bag. Contrary to the duffel bag, the Dopp kit gets its name from its inventor, Charles Doppelt with the help of his nephew. Charles Doppelt is a German leather craftsman who migrated to the United States of America around the early 1900s. However, in some sources, the kit was made solely by his nephew and employee, Jerome Harris. The kit was merely given the name Dopp because it is short for Doppelt, the person who owns the company where the small leather bag was invented. Nonetheless, the invention of the bag did great things for the owner, his nephew, and countless travelers around the world.

The “Toilet Bag”

The Dopp kit however was not called so at its inception. It was primarily introduced as the toilet bag for its primary purpose. Carrying toiletries. It was only after the toilet bag became popular and widely used did its name change. It was also because of the fact the word “toilet” in America had a dirty connotation to the bag. Something that was not so socially acceptable to Americans at the time. However, it took a while before the bag became as popular as it is. It was only during the Second World War were the toilet bag became widely popular. The military use of the kit however was of the same purpose, to carry toiletries for those on the field. In retrospect, the Dopp kits would fit perfectly inside the military duffel bag.

The “Dopp Kit”

As the bag became more popular, Charles Doppelt eventually sold his company to Samsonite. Only thereafter did the name “toilet bag” became the “Dopp kit” in the name of its great inventor and to have a more socially acceptable name. It was around the 1970s did Charles Doppelt sell the company to Samsonite. The purchase of the company also gave Samsonite the rights to produce and register a trademark on the Dopp kit.

Fast forward to today. The bag is considered a necessity for many travelers and those always on the go. It is not merely something for practical use but for style and fashion as well. The Dopp kit indeed made a huge impact from its humble beginnings.

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