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What Are Unique Corporate Gifts

What Are Unique Corporate Gifts

What Are Unique Corporate Gifts

Looking for the best corporate presents around? You've arrived at the correct place! We'll offer our favorite selections for every price range, whether you're looking for innovative and unique corporate gifts ideas or luxury corporate presents. We've also provided advice on how to select the finest corporate gifts for customers vs the best corporate presents for workers.

The greatest and most unique corporate gifts not only make your staff and customers feel appreciated, but they also represent your brand in a clear, professional, and most importantly memorable way. Fortunately, finding one-of-a-kind unique corporate gifts ideas that may be customized does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

Corporate giving is a tried-and-true technique of engaging prospects, clients, customers, and others—and for good reason. Physical goods, such as corporate presents, are simpler for consumers to grasp and remember than digital material, according to research.

Many businesses utilize corporate giving to elicit customer action, as 79 percent of consumers respond to direct mail instantly, compared to only 45 percent who respond to email immediately. You most likely have one or two business presents laying around your desk or workplace right now. While corporate gifting is successful, to genuinely leave your impression in the recipient's mind, you must also stand out in the mailbox. This means having distinctive unique corporate gift ideas that will leave a significant and lasting impact, raise brand recognition, and motivate your recipients to take action.

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What Makes a Corporate Gift Idea Unique?

There are numerous methods to distinguish your company's corporate gifts from your rivals and improve the probability that your give will result in a significant impact.

Make It Personalized

Take the time to investigate your intended recipient and attempt to locate unique corporate gifts that are both relevant and useful in their work or personal lives. Regardless of the size of your corporate giving campaign, always include a thoughtful handwritten note addressed directly to each and every recipient. Explain why you're delivering your item, what value you expect it to offer, and how you intend to continue the discussion. (Do you need assistance with taking notes? We've got your back).

Unique One-to-One Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-one marketing fosters client connections via a personalized and personal approach. You can personalize experiences for consumers based on their interests, habits, demographics, and more, thanks to social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

You may truly take the initiative and be creative with your gift for a one-to-one send. If your receiver was just promoted, give them a book for professional growth as well as a congratulations message asking for a meeting and explaining how your company may assist them in their new job. If they're a huge sports enthusiast, send them a cap with the emblem of their favorite club and a letter explaining how your companies would form a "great team."

Unique One-to-Many Corporate Gift Ideas

One-to-many marketing is a more comprehensive method of communication. Instead of attempting to personalize your communication, you use this technique to target groups of clients. You can still accomplish bulk customization for a one-to-many send. Consider which sector your corporate gifts are aimed towards and what things could be appropriate for that business. Send useful presents to real estate brokers, such as attractive key chains, or branded laptop bags to startup employees. If your present serves a function in their everyday life and is utilized frequently, your brand will remain front of mind.

Skip the conventional brown boxes and manilla envelopes for these business presents to increase your company's perceived worth. Instead, make your packaging interesting to open and add to the delight that 83 percent of buyers feel when receiving products. Remember that everything with your logo on it is a direct reflection of your firm, therefore even the smallest touches may make a big difference! Furthermore, you'll want to be regarded as a firm that goes above and above and is considerate, rather than one that would spray-and-pray mass impersonal presents just to get on a company's radar.

Make It Actionable

Defining a purpose that this present may assist you to reach is an important part of corporate gifting. Are you giving a top-of-funnel gift to raise brand recognition, a middle-of-funnel gift to increase engagement, or a bottle-of-funnel present to speed the pipeline? Create a giving plan by considering where your receiver is in the sales cycle and how you can get the greatest ROI from this send. What call-to-action will make your gift worthy of the time and effort it took to deliver it?

Successful unique corporate gifts should be able to elicit a response. As part of their call-to-action, let the receiver interact with the present in some manner. Create an experience with your send, whether they have to construct a gingerbread house, redeem a ticket on your website, or share cupcakes with coworkers. These encounters will be far more memorable than mailing a coffee cup or a branded pen.

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Creating a Unique Gifts Strategy That Works

Start With Your Calendar

Examine your future work schedule calendar to find possibilities for gift-giving. Major holidays are an obvious choice for identifying first. Then, consider integrating a presents aspect for employee appreciation into any company-wide events you have planned, such as state-of-the-business review meetings or yearly celebrations.

Get Input From Managers

Beyond the scope of the entire company, you should ask managers about their ideas for using gifts to encourage employee motivation and productivity and increase retention. If certain departments hold weekly meetings, they might want to include an employee recognition portion. Or, if there's a team-building event coming up for a department, gifts for participants might be appropriate.

Examine Your Client Relationships

It is critical for your bottom line to strengthen your ties with your clientele. Giving unique corporate gifts to individuals with whom you do business puts you at the forefront of their business choices and improves sentiment for your organization. Determine how often you want to provide presents to clients and how much money you want to invest each time.

Pinpoint Milestones

Employee anniversaries and retirements are significant milestones in your company that should be honored. Giving unique presents to mark these milestones helps employees feel appreciated, demonstrates your dedication to your team to other employees, and is a way to express your gratitude for everything your staff has done. Unique corporate gifts for important work occasions can boost retention and lead to future referrals when workers depart.

Encourage Friendly Competition

If you want to encourage innovation and hard work at your company, some healthy rivalry among or within departments might boost income. Employees may enjoy competition, and awards do not have to be pricey to produce meaningful outcomes. Consider how you might inspire your staff to achieve more in your business by employing contests and rewards.

Have Gifts Available for Unexpected Needs

Corporate gift-giving does not have to be well planned. Ordering a wide range of presents to keep on hand enables executives and managers to provide instant incentives for exceptional achievement. Rather than having to order them and wait for them to arrive, maintaining a continuous supply on hand enables your management team to be on the lookout for conduct that deserves to be rewarded, which may inspire everyone at your firm to perform at a high level.

Create a Sensible Budget

When the expenses of recruiting, onboarding, and on-the-job training are factored in, it is clear how advantageous it is to keep a single person rather than having to fill a new position. Use these recommendations to develop a reasonable gift budget that works for your company, with the objective of earning a return on investment via loyal workers who enjoy the presents you provide.

This budget may be divided into calendar dates, what you want to have ready at all times for quick acknowledgment, how much you want to devote to strengthening customer connections, and when you intend on rewarding staff achievements to keep on course.

Measure Your Results

Create goals you wish to attain with the aid of providing presents when you implement a gift strategy in your business. Match your custom corporate gift-giving activities with your goals, whether it's a certain number of new referrals, a certain percentage of staff turnover, or a specific quantity of new business from clients. You might be able to spot trends that will assist you to understand the return on investment that a pleasurable activity like gift-giving delivers for your business.

Giving Unique Corporate Gifts

People are regularly given business gifts. In the preceding year, about seven out of every ten consumers polled received at least one promotional item, and seventy percent received at least two. With so many companies selling their wares, you need one-of-a-kind gifts to stand out.

There are several popular unique corporate gift ideas:

1. Tickets

Tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other special events are popular corporate presents. The thrill of having great seats may be amazing. The problem is that it might be difficult to identify what kind of activities someone would enjoy and what they have time to see. In some cases, expensive tickets may be deemed "too expensive to be acceptable."

2. Alcohol and cigars

Years ago, they were regarded as "classic" business gifts; but, in order to give this type of gift nowadays, you must be well acquainted with the receiver. It may be tough to give this type of gift only to learn that the receiver is striving to overcome an addiction.

3. Office gifts

A more secure present is an office item, such as a pen or desk blotter. The trick to these gifts is to choose a high-quality item that represents your company's stellar reputation. Gifts that are overly inexpensive or poorly made may be worse than no gifts at all.

4. Small Plants

Plants are often a wonderful addition to a home or business. Succulents from Lula's Garden will delight your receivers and offer a touch of summer no matter the season, providing an elegant touch that brightens up a space.

5. Food

Food is a popular business gift since everyone enjoys eating and can take food home with them to share with family and friends. It all comes down to food baskets. They're really popular, and many clients receive a pair each year. If you're going to give food as a gift, make it one-of-a-kind.

6. Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is an excellent way to protect your team members both inside and outside of the office. Branded and personalized items such as fleeces, accessories, vests, rain slickers, and even attractive plaid PJs may create a lasting impression while keeping them comfortable and expressing your appreciation. Would you like to encourage your busy employees to relax? (even on their desks).

7. Fun Desk Items

A quirky desk item is a wonderful place to start if you want to establish a sense of whimsy and fun in your business. Mug warmers and coffee mugs, board games for the break room, toys like Lego or Magnatiles, and even health products like salt lamps or stress balls can round out your present.

8. Personalized Gifts

Creating a unique connection by giving a truly personalized gift is simple, with a plethora of options available that represent your unique receivers' professional interests, hobbies, and causes. Team gear, charitable donations, and experiential gifts based on their passions may all make your employee feel recognized and valued at work.

Personalized Corporate Leather Gifts

Personalized Corporate Gifting is a significant commercial activity. Giving presents to your employees is both a sign of respect and an expression of appreciation for them. You must confess that selecting the ideal present is difficult. Steel Horse Leather provides a diverse range of personalized leather corporate gifts. The unique corporate gifts quest has come to an end.

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Why give a mediocre gift? Custom leather items are highly personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts produced just for you. Every item has been hand-picked and created to be the perfect gift for you or a loved one. Steel Horse Leather makes it simple to choose the right gift - with a wide variety of personalized monogram options, let us assist you in finding the perfect leather gift idea.

You must admit that it is difficult to offer the proper present. As a result, we provide a wide range of high-quality personalized leather gifts. Our products are one-of-a-kind and may be tailored to your specific requirements and budget. There is something for every budget, from backpacks to briefcases, handcrafted leather wallets, and purses.

Give a one-of-a-kind gift that will be remembered for many years! You may offer the gift of discovery with this traditional and timeless design. If it is monogrammed or personalized with your logo, it will show everyone that you mean business and are ready to go. To make your brand or name stand out, deboss or laser-etch it into genuine, natural full-grain leather. With an embossed design, you may personalize your favorite leather bag, personalized wallet, tote, leather luggage tag, leather Dopp kit, leather backpack, or any gift box. Steel Horse Leather purses and accessories are handcrafted from real, beautiful leather. We're here to help you find the best unique Corporate Gifts.

Leather Corporate Gifts

Steel Horse Leather offers a wide selection of customized leather corporate gifts.

Choosing Steel Horse Leather for your Personalized Corporate Leather Gifts

Give a one-of-a-kind present to your loved ones. Receiving a high-quality leather item made from the best materials available will make your friends and family feel cherished and loved. You don't come across anything as beautiful as leather every day. In addition to being a firm recognized for its leather products, we have built a reputation for the high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail that we put into each product. Our bags are handcrafted from the finest materials and utilizing the most advanced processes.

Steel Horse Leather also makes high-quality leather gifts. All of our leather gifts are handmade and one-of-a-kind. We customize all of our handmade leather gifts to ensure that they are one-of-a-kind. In fact, we have a multitude of leather choices from which to pick. Add customized logos or initials to your leather items to make them uniquely yours. You may also choose from a number of lovely monogramming options.

Our products are fairly priced, and we are happy to help you with any pricing issues or custom requirements. Contact us by email at or by completing the special order form below. Similarly, our helpful customer service specialists will respond as quickly as possible. If you have any leather-related gift-giving needs, our bespoke gifts specialists can help. They will collaborate with you to design one-of-a-kind and personalized genuine leather presents for your friends and family that are appropriate for any special occasion.

Featured Products

Our goods are long-lasting, robust, and protected. We provide a wide selection of purses, backpacks, wallets, accessories, and other items for a variety of on-the-go needs. We also offer several choices for serving those special young ones in your life. Below are some of our most popular bespoke designs. Our full-grain leather goods are made to last a lifetime. They're built with the highest-quality materials to resist the weather while still providing great functionality.

Custom Logo Personalization

Personalized leather goods are excellent presents. Custom laser engraving of your brand is a simple and effective method to make a present unique and meaningful. You may also have your logo debossed into the leather for a real one-of-a-kind look.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the process of making a mark on a material, such as leather, with the use of a laser. Using this method, the burnt design will be clean and perfectly positioned on the leather. In addition to having a clean and beautiful look, it will also have a permanent, uniform, and precise image that will not wear off over time.


Debossed Logo Personalization

Debossing is the process of stamping a design, lettering, or logo so that the image appears to be engraved into the surface of an object. At Steel Horse Leather, we use a heat debossing technique that imprints your company logo onto our custom leather products. This method creates a beautiful, dimensional depth to your logo, imprinting it on the leather surface. Debossing is available on qualifying orders. To find out if your order qualifies for the embossing process, please contact us at or fill out the custom order form below.

Our Simple Process

What are your thoughts on the company's gift-giving procedure? Is it simple to locate the ideal personalized leather corporate gifts or custom leather presents for a friend or family member? We understand how difficult it may be to find the ideal present. That's why we've simplified things. Our customer support staff can assist you in navigating our simple one-step promotional gift design process, which includes personalized, meaningful presents for all occasions (birthdays, groomsman gifts at a wedding, Valentine's Day, leather journals, and everything).

1. Choose your product

2. Email us your logo and get a mockup back from us

3. Receive your customized handcrafted product

9) eGift Cards

Gift cards are the thing that is always appropriate. A gift card is an excellent method to ensure that everyone receives precisely what they desire. Gift vouchers are very useful for those unexpected presents to thank a staff member who goes above and beyond. You may simply customize your gift card; pick Steel Horse Leather for the outdoorsy leather type.

Steel Horse Leather Gift Card

Unique Corporate Gifts
Steel Horse Leather Gift Card

Are you looking for a gift for someone else but aren't sure what to get them? With a STEEL HORSE LEATHER gift card, you can give them the gift of choice. Gift cards are sent by email and include instructions for redeeming them at the checkout. There are no additional processing costs for our gift cards.

Important Tips to Choose the Best Unique Corporate Gifts

Employee and customer corporate gifts have come a long way. Investing in high-quality products that make employees feel valued and appreciated, from trusted brands to desired items they'll use every day, is a fantastic approach to boost employee morale and teamwork. Similarly, memorable corporate gifts for clients assist to enhance brand awareness, create customer loyalty, and encourage recommendations.

1. Don’t save luxury corporate gifts for the holiday season.

The holidays are the most popular time for companies to buy corporate presents for their workers and clients. Giving a one-of-a-kind corporate gift when your client or employee least expects it, on the other hand, will leave an even greater impact. This might be a New Year's surprise to kick off a year of development.

Consider offering unique corporate gifts to clients on their birthdays or on the anniversary of your firm. Following your company's peak season is a wonderful opportunity to provide corporate presents to staff, demonstrating your thanks for their hard work during hectic times.

2. The Best Corporate Gifts Respect Your Budget.

Unique business gifts should not break the bank, so don't go overboard! While you want your swag to help with marketing, overpaying on client and staff presents might be detrimental to your company in the long run. For example, if your customer has a $400 yearly membership and you offer them a $600 present, you're clearly overdoing it.

This can also lead to excessive hopes for the future, and in some circumstances, disappointment. If you plan to purchase a $300 corporate present for your customer this year, but then follow up with a $50 gift the next year, they will be dissatisfied.

The key to providing corporate presents for clients is to stay grounded on the product and its worth. If your consumers spend $700 a year on your services, a present with a value of $60 will delight them! This also applies to business presents for employees. Keep your budget in mind and be reasonable.

3. Do research, Find unique corporate gifts for clients and employees that they’ll love.

The finest corporate presents for workers and clients are the ones they were thinking about getting for themselves. If, on the other hand, you want your staff to be productive and healthy, a sustainable bottle, yoga mat, or exercise subscription are all excellent options that will undoubtedly satisfy them. These kinds of business presents for employees can make them feel appreciated. So do some research, figure out what they like, and surprise them with something they'll appreciate for a long time.


Why is corporate gifting important?

Corporate giving is a useful tool that all businesses should use not just to express thanks to individuals who have a good impact on their business development and services, but also to attract new customers and encourage their internal employees.

What is a good gift for employees?

Corporate presents for workers come in many forms, sizes, and price ranges. Look for presents that may be customized with your firm's logo and branding if you want products that employees can use while also advertising your organization. Apparel is a fantastic alternative for businesses since it can be worn at events and conferences to quickly identify your employees.

What is the purpose of gift-giving?

The goal of gift-giving is to express gratitude and can be used as a marketing technique to attract new customers. However, the goal of corporate gift-giving may also assist promote the wonderful culture you've established for your customers and workers. Giving high-quality, sustainable products, for example, may demonstrate that your firm is kind, considerate, and concerned about the environment.

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