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Women's Leather Backpack

Women's Leather Backpack

 Women's Leather Backpack
We've compiled brief assessments of our favorite leather backpacks for women.

A quality backpack is essential for any lady who needs to transport a laptop, electronics, workplace supplies, or a day's worth of belongings. Many women still choose to carry a courier bag or a huge vanity bag for the sake of fashion and style, but carrying weight on one shoulder is bad for your back and waist. A women's leather backpack of high quality is not difficult to come by. They can hold your daily necessities, take a battering, and do not sacrifice style. There are also numerous smaller bags available because not everyone takes a large number of digital gadgets or workplace papers with them.

The perfect women's leather backpack strikes a mix between aesthetics and function - it should serve the purpose you need it to serve while also being comfortable to wear without sacrificing elegance. Durability is vital, but so are amenities that make your life simpler, such as organized pockets, trolley sleeves, or expansion capabilities. You may always go for a show-stopping item that makes a strong style statement, but the simpler the design, the more flexible it will be.

A Women's Leather Backpack That Pack Plenty Of Style

Whether you're going on an adventure or simply want a hands-free look, our women's backpacks have you covered. Our backpacks are a terrific alternative to purses since they have all the styles of our favorite handbags but with the extra ease of hands-free carrying. The gorgeous leather elevates our bags from ordinary to spectacular. It takes a traditional appearance and transforms it into something sleek and sophisticated with unrivaled elegance - additionally, they always look excellent with one of our glittering watches, trend-right jewelry pieces, or other stunning accessories.

Our women's backpacks also have pockets, zips, loops, adjustable shoulder straps, and other features to provide you with the finest in comfort, style, and convenience. These lovely leather backpacks for women allow you to carry more than just your lipstick, phone, and keys - there's enough storage for a laptop, a change of clothing, or whatever else you need to have a fantastic day. Our backpacks are fantastic on their own, but they may also be carried with your favorite crossbody, tote, or other handbags for goods that require easy access.

Steel Horse Leather Co. understands that you're seeking the perfect blend of design and utility. That's why we built these women's backpacks with both of those factors in mind. Your style is significant and deserves to be displayed in as many different ways as you desire. With our backpacks, you can show off your adventurous, sporty side while still displaying your fashion-forward flare.

Why Do Women Prefer Leather Backpacks?

Leather is one of the greatest materials for rucksacks since it offers unrivaled durability and style that is hard to find in other materials. In fact, everyone should have a leather bag in their closet since it comes in useful in a variety of situations - whether you're flying, meeting with a client, going on a day excursion, or staying the night away from home.

Suits the Outdoor Lifestyle

If you enjoy being outside and spend most of your time riding, bicycling, camping, or climbing, a backpack handbag is the greatest option for transporting your belongings safely. They free up your hands while ensuring the pleasant and secure holding of your essential belongings.

Many women choose backpacks to purses because they are a very utilitarian accessory for an active lifestyle. Consider sitting on a bike with your purse constantly pounding and fluttering on your pelvis. A leather backpack will allow you to be trendy without being damaged or injured.

Best Option for Frequent Travelers

A practical women’s leather backpack is a godsend for frequent travelers who must jet between their company's headquarters in different states, and occasionally countries, and who need to work remotely from numerous locations. Such a bag will not only allow you to transport your laptop, cellphone, and iPad but will also allow you to pack a day's worth of clothing and other necessities. We've also prepared a comprehensive guide to the best travel backpacks.

Convenient for Working Women

To be honest, the handbag market in the United States is a letdown for professional women. Many of them carry many bags, forsaking any attempt to appear trendy or attractive. If you're a busy lady who is always running between your workplace and formal client meetings, or your yoga classes and cocktail parties, always with your laptop and other electronics in tow, a practical leather bag will come in handy. Because you don't want to be carrying a work bag on one arm and an overflowing canvas bag on the other.

How Women's Backpacks are Different from Men's Backpacks?

The conventional perception is that men's bags emphasize usefulness and toughness, whilst women's purses emphasize style and appearance. It's only a half-truth, to be sure. Although there may be some variances in size and appearance, women’s leather backpack nowadays is equally useful and durable due to smart design and engineering.

The key differences are:

Narrow Shoulders

Men's shoulders are bigger on average than women's. As a result, women's leather backpacks will have smaller shoulder straps. They will, however, be wide enough to ease the weight off your shoulders and provide proper balance.

Shorter Torso

Women's torsos are shorter than men's. As a result, it stands to reason that their backpacks will be shorter in length from shoulder to hip. However, many bags nowadays provide the option of changing the torso expansion.

Different Hip Belt Design

Women's hips are shaped differently from men's. As a result, the hip belts of women's leather backpacks are designed differently so that they fit comfortably on the hips and take the weight off the shoulders.


Women's bags are more attractive and come in a wider range of colors than men's bags. While both types of backpacks are fashionable, the smaller size and pleasant, beautiful appearance give them a feminine touch.

Unique Characteristics of Leather Backpacks for Women

Many people believe that while buying a women's leather backpack, clean lines, enticing designs, and expensive materials are all that matters. While these are crucial criteria, there are a few others to consider:


Women's leather backpacks come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns. Today's brands, on the other hand, do not trade functionality for fashion. You'll discover a broad range of bags that are exceptionally lightweight, capacious, fashionable, and functionally made, and can contain anything you can think of. It may be an ideal travel accessory and a great alternative to cumbersome, unpleasant baggage.

The Langley Backpack | Genuine Vintage Leather Backpack


Leather is most likely the only material that improves in quality and character over time. It withstands natural wear and tear well and retains its glitz and glitter even after extended use.

The material is so strong that a genuine leather backpack will most likely last you the rest of your life. Fake and PU leather, on the other hand, will not give the same quality, but they will outperform many other materials.


The majority of women's leather backpacks on the market today have been built with functionality in mind. Companies are increasingly thinking about the technology that women bring to work, as well as the apparel and shoes that they pack for yoga or gym sessions, but they are designing them without having them appear like just a laptop or a gym bag. Many of these bags are ideal for travel, but you can even wear them to work without raising any heads.

When you need a hands-free bag when touring a new city or commuting the subway to work, leather backpacks for women are a beautiful option. Furthermore, they are so adaptable that you will notice a smooth shift between occasions and activities. They are ideal for either live music performances or a sightseeing excursion.

We've compiled brief assessments of our favorite leather backpacks for women. Let's take a closer look:

Vintage Women’s Leather Backpacks

Are you looking for a vintage leather backpack? Steel Horse Leather, has the best vintage leather backpacks, which combine the natural beauty of handmade leather with the ruggedness of the vintage leather look. This results in an elegant, timeless style for your leather backpack. Our bags compliment formal or informal wear and make great companions on weekend getaways or long journeys. Our vintage leather bags have ample storage and can accommodate laptops and other devices, as well as other everyday items, all securely fastened with our handmade leather covers and metal buckles.

Handmade Woman’s Leather Backpack

The vintage leather of these bags and backpacks is soft to the touch but extremely durable and weather resistant. The design of the shoulder straps fits comfortably, all the straps are genuine leather, as well as the outer pockets attached to the main section. They are individually crafted by hand to meet your daily needs, they are multifunctional backpacks, made of high-quality handmade vintage leather. Functionality and durability combine with elegance and comfort. You can take it to school, work, or outdoor travel. Note that as this bag is made of a natural material, therefore, each bag is unique with a slightly different color.

The Hagen Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

Genuine cowhide leather with natural creases and lines throughout gives the impression of a true antique. The Hagan Backpack has style and quality, as you'll find its leather soft to the touch but durable enough for daily wear and tear. It's highly versatile in usability, lightweight, and capacious enough to carry tablets, laptops, books, gadgets, and other items with ease. Featuring a large main compartment, two zipped exterior pockets, and a single easy-access front pocket.

Women's Leather Backpack
The Hagen Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

The Asmund Backpack | Genuine Leather Rucksack

Looking for a women’s leather backpack that combines a rugged aesthetic with effortless style? Look no further than The Asmund. Providing a certain bohemian allure, this bag appears to have done it all and is ready to do it all again; able to compliment any outfit on a casual day out or for a long adventure. It has a large capacity, suitable for storing laptops and other gadgets, along with other day-to-day items, all secured safely with drawstring closure and buckled leather flap. The crazy horse leather has a smooth texture, delicate to the touch, but extremely durable and weather resistant. The shoulder straps are designed for easy adjustments to your comfort, all included straps are genuine leather, as well as the exterior pockets attached to the main compartment - allowing for further storage and efficient accessibility. Getting out there has never been made easier.

The Asmund Backpack | Genuine Leather Rucksack

The Helka Backpack | Genuine Vintage Leather Backpack

The Helka Backpack is a high-quality leather backpack designed to suit all your daily needs. Functionality and durability are paired with elegance and comfort, as this backpack provides a complete service for school, work, or outdoor trips. Its easily accessible and convenient range of pockets provides you with flexibility in both outdoor and urban environments. The sleek, minimal aesthetics of this vintage leather backpack makes it ideal for men or women. The leather is an all-natural material, creating an ever-changing and unique look that is enhanced with the wear and tear of daily life.

Women's Leather Backpack
The Helka Backpack | Genuine Vintage Leather Backpack

The Freja Backpack | Handcrafted Leather Backpack

Handcrafted to suit your daily needs, The Freja Backpack is a multifunctional, leather travel backpack made from high-quality leather. Functionality and durability are paired with elegance and comfort, as this backpack provides a complete service for school, work, or outdoor trips. Featuring one large compartment, three exterior pockets, an interior zipper pocket, and two slip pockets, there is ample space for storage. The design is made with back support in mind, as it distributes the weight evenly across the body of the bag, providing comfort in transport and security for items.

The Freja Backpack | Handcrafted Leather Backpack

The Icarus | Handmade Vintage Leather Backpack

The choices are endless with this knapsack as it had several straps for numerous carrying approaches. Wear it as a knapsack, a messenger bag or use the grab handle and make it into a stylish bag. Made from crazy horse leather it is strong enough to carry all your items without stressing over the straps tearing or breaking. Big enough to hold a 13-inch laptop computer and offered in two strong styles, this backpack is suitable for anybody seeking to break out from the ordinary.

The Icarus | Handmade Vintage Leather Backpack

The Gyda Backpack | Vintage Leather Travel Backpack

The Gyda Backpack is a high-quality vintage-style leather backpack, simple in design, but capable of holding notes, books, and lightweight gadgets securely. This genuine leather backpack will store a wide variety of different laptop models so you will be at ease knowing your gadgets are totally safe. The quality leather will darken with usage producing a new attraction over time. This backpack has thoughtfully designed straps that distribute weight evenly, keeping your shoulders comfortable and allowing for prolonged use.

Women's Leather Backpack
The Gyda Backpack | Vintage Leather Travel Backpack

The Ragna Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

The Ragna Backpack is for the individual, for those looking for a women’s leather backpack that is unique, yet completely functional. Designed in an evocative briefcase style, the interior of the bag is made up of three separate pockets, which are individually spacious and suitable for all manner of personal belongings. The bag is suited for transporting laptops securely while keeping other items neatly organized. It is ingeniously designed to distribute weight evenly across your back with a padded backside. The Ragna Backpack allows the user to carry weight comfortably and securely, without compromising on style.

The Ragna Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

The Gosta Backpack | Handmade Vintage Leather

Restrained sophistication for this capacious, antique brown colored bag. This genuine leather backpack is specially designed for securely holding notes, books, and lightweight gadgets. Complete with large main compartment and secondary exterior pocket. The simple design allows for safe transportation and provides easy access to personal items without cluttering them.

The Tove Backpack | Genuine Leather Sharp Edged Backpack

The Tove is a briefcase-inspired high-quality leather backpack. Its design is elegant and practical, suitable for all occasions: school, work, or a weekend trip. The backpack’s material is made entirely of crazy horse leather, which is durable and long-lasting and will wear attractively over time. Thoughtfully designed adjustable straps allow for even distribution of weight that keep shoulders comfortable throughout the day and a simple leather grab handle allows for easy maneuvering by hand. The interior consists of a spacious main compartment as well as interior pockets that will keep all belongings organized and accessible. Additional fitting space for a wide variety of different laptop models, allowing for gadgets to be kept completely secure.

Women's Leather Backpack

The Olaf Rucksack | Vintage Leather Travel Backpack

Add a unique touch to your daily outfit with The Olaf Rucksack. Distinguished in its retro style, this bag has two prominent front pockets, along with a large main compartment. The leather straps have two smaller straps overlays, designed to easily clip small items such as glasses or headphones. It is made out of high-quality leather, which is durable and lightweight. It really excels in outdoor environments, as The Olaf proves to be the ultimate carry companion for sports, mountaineering, climbing, and other such adventurous endeavors.

The Olaf Rucksack | Vintage Leather Travel Backpack

Best Women's Leather Backpack

Among the three types of real leather, full-grain leather is the highest quality leather. It is the strongest among all leathers. Likewise, full-grain leather is very durable. It can withstand the test of time. and it is not easily susceptible to wear and tear. It is also by far the most unique among all leather types. Its uniqueness comes from its patina. The patina develops a unique pattern borne from the imperfections of the animal's skin. Unlike top-grain leather and genuine leather, its surface is full of scars and blemishes.

How can you tell if the leather is of good quality?

For the untrained eye, all leather might look the same. Telling the difference between the different qualities of leather might prove to be a difficult task. For one, high-quality leather-like full grain and top grain is much more expensive in comparison to genuine leather. However, the price is not conclusive nor is it a good indication for good quality leather.

The trick is to get intimate with the leather using your senses. By sight, you can discern full grain from other types of leather. Full-grain has unique patterns whereas the others are more uniform and refined. You can also tell by feeling the leather. Top grain, in comparison to full grain, is more flexible. Genuine leather is likewise more flexible than full-grain leather.

In some instances, you can also tell the quality of leather by its smell. Although it is not much on the quality of the leather itself but on the process of making it. More specifically during the tanning phase. Different methods of tanning, for example, vegetable tanning and chrome tanning, will affect the quality of the leather. We only use full grain vegetable tanned leather in our backpacks. This makes for a bag that can last for a very long time and age with a beautiful patina.

The trick is to get intimate with the leather using your senses. By sight, you can discern full grain from other types of leather. Full-grain has unique patterns whereas the others are more uniform and refined.

What are the best backpacks for women?

The best women's leather backpacks are those you are comfortable wearing. Of course, they have to be made out of light material to carry every day. Likewise, it must be strong enough to carry all those textbooks, papers, and occasionally a laptop or tablet. These backpacks must also have a compartment or two to store extra things. Moreover, backpacks for women should be durable. It must both withstand daily use and frequent use. And last but not least, it should also look cool and with style. Nothing turns heads more than a cool-looking backpack. Sometimes you also need portability and that is where a mini leather backpack can come into play.

How to Store a Woman's Leather Backpack

Since leather backpacks are durable most of the time they can handle the abuse of wear and tear. However, it is best to store your leather backpacks where there is no direct sunlight. This may dry up and damage the leather. Likewise, you should not store it near damp or wet areas. Long exposure to any moisture will also damage the leather. It will turn brittle and crack or peel off.

You may also want to cover your leather backpack with a dust bag if you won't be using it for quite some time. We do however advise that you clean and condition your leather before tucking it away for safekeeping.

Wrapping It Up!

With our ready-to-impress women's backpack, you may indulge your inner adventurer. Fill it with your favorite products and must-have essentials before embarking on your day's travels. Our backpacks are equipped with all of the functionality you'd expect from a backpack as well as all of the details you love from Steel Horse Leather Co. You shouldn't have to compromise between expressing your style and having everything you need, and you don't have to with our tough women's leather backpacks.

When it comes to adding a pop of color to your favorite outfits, our bags are a no-brainer. These women's backpacks are simple yet unforgettable, complementing any style and allowing you to go from one adventure to the next without slowing you down. The adjustable straps provide a perfect fit every time, leaving your hands free to take photographs, shop, volunteer, and do whatever else makes you happy. Find the ideal women's backpack for you and set out on your next trip.


What are the benefits of a leather backpack?

Leather is one of the top selections in the backpack category since it has unrivaled durability and panache that is hard to find in other materials.

What Are The Different Types Of Leather backpacks For Men and Women?

The significant distinctions are as follows: Shoulders that are narrow Men's shoulders are bigger on average than women's.

What Are the Features of a women's leather backpack?

Many people believe that while buying a women's leather backpack, clean lines, enticing designs, and expensive materials are all that matters.

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