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All Time Favorite Handmade Genuine Leather Bags for Men and Women

All Time Favorite Handmade Genuine Leather Bags for Men and Women


Genuine Leather Bags for Men and Women are appreciated for their strength, durability, and beauty.

That is why at Steel Horse Leather; our purpose is to offer our customers durable leather bags of different styles and sizes, which are resistant, elegant and very useful, which will be an ideal and reliable companion during their trips and adventures.

They are handcrafted genuine leather handbags, which have been made with delicacy and care, resulting in an elegant product. For us, the design and preparation of our leather bags are done with love and dedication.  Each finished bag is something to be proud of.

When making our vintage leather bags, we only use traditional techniques, but with great skill that only comes from many years of experience, work, and dedication to perfect this beautiful art, this is what gives our leather bags authenticity.


The fascination and charm of man for leather is as old as time itself. Since ancient times we have used leather in many different ways such as clothes, shoes, straps, and bags. We realized that leather was useful for many things and he knew how to take advantage of it and still take advantage of it today.

Then there are plenty of reasons why we should choose and prefer leather products. It is that leather is comfortable, durable, and resistant. It is always fashionable and also has an elegant and attractive appearance that has stood the test of time.


We take pride in our manufacturing of leather goods because our products are handcrafted by experts in the field and artisans in their trade.  They are also made of genuine leather sourced from only the best locations.

One of our principles is to ensure that our clientele has the security and confidence of knowing that the products they acquire are of unquestionable origin and of the highest quality.

We take great care to obtain genuine, legitimate and authentic leather of the highest quality because we have an obsessive passion for leather and our clients deserve only: the best of the best.

We have also assumed a comprehensive and complete vision to map where our leather comes from and how it has been processed. We have also thoroughly investigated the background of many raw leather suppliers, as well as their work philosophy, method of supply and tanning, as well as their position on ethical conduct in general. It is the best company in the manufacture of leather goods because its products are handcrafted by hand by experts in the field, they are also made of genuine leather and of the best origin.


1. The Asmund Backpack | Genuine Leather Rucksack

LESS FAVORITE PRODUCTS AT STEEL HORSE LEATHER CO. 1-      The Asmund Backpack | Genuine Leather Rucksack

Are you looking for a backpack? Look no further The Asmund is a backpack that combines rugged beauty with an elegant style. Providing a certain bohemian charm, able to complement any clothing on an informal day or for a great adventure. It has ample capacity, suitable for storing laptops and other devices, as well as other everyday items, all securely fastened with cord closure and leather buckle cover. The leather of these bags has a soft texture and delicate to the touch, but of extreme durability and weather resistance. The design of the shoulder straps fits your comfort, all the straps are made of genuine leather, as well as the outer pockets attached to the main section, allowing for greater storage capacity and better accessibility.

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 2. The Bjarke Weekender | Handcrafted Leather Duffle Bag


Bjarke Weekender leather bags look sophisticated and always stand out and immediately attract people's attention, with a subtle and quality design with stitched leather bars. It is durable and sturdy, ideal for the safe transport of your valuable items, has carefully designed pockets, with a case for storing a 14 "laptop and a large main section and with soft leather handles and adjustable shoulder strap and Removable that guarantee comfort during transport.


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3. The Endre Weekender | Vintage Leather Duffle Bag


The Endre Weekender is elegant, soft, tough and durable, an ideal choice for everyday use, school, work, sports and everything else. This leather canvas bag has the necessary amount of pockets that guarantee that all personal items are stored in an orderly and safe manner. On the other hand, it comes with two fastening options: leather handle or shoulder strap, which is adjustable and removable. Black leather provides a classic look that will accentuate over time, while maintaining its quality and functionality. 

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4. The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Welch Briefcase is the perfect union between shoulder strap and briefcase, super functional and resistant, it has a mature style of elegant appearance and is made of high-quality leather, with adjustable straps and hand handles that provides comfort to the user and the capacity for all Storage needs and is able to safely carry laptops up to 14 inches, as well as any other item. This leather briefcase seems to belong to any environment; allowing its owner to take it with confidence to any occasion, formal or not.

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