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Top Men's Leather Messenger Bags 2024 | Ultimate Leather Messenger Bag Guide

Top Men's Leather Messenger Bags 2024 | Ultimate Leather Messenger Bag Guide

Are you looking for the right bag for work or the office and even for school? How about you give the leather messenger bag a try. The leather messenger bag is perfect for those who need a little bit of organization in their life. It is perfect for storing paperwork, books, and even your laptop and other devices. Leather messenger bags are also easy to commute with. They are comfortable to travel and easy to store. With leather, a messenger bag will never go out of style.

If you are looking to buy a leather messenger bag then you are in the right place. Know more about the magnificent leather messenger bag with this ultimate leather messenger bag guide. You will not only learn about the messenger bag but also the leather that makes the bag itself. This guide also showcase's a selection of the top men's leather messenger bag of 2024. A selection that we guarantee is the best of the best, whether for school or work or anything in between.

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Welch Messenger Bag

Anatomy Of a Leather Messenger Bag

Before you plan to buy a leather messenger bag for yourself or give it to another, you should know some answers to a few questions. Questions such as "what is a leather messenger bag?" or "what is leather and where does it come from?" or "what are the different styles of leather messenger bags?"

What better way to know what is a leather crossbody bag than to look at its anatomy. Know the in and outs of a leather messenger bag. Such as the type of leather used or the materials and the stitching of the bag itself. And likewise know the different styles and designs available. Lastly, know the details and unique features of the bag.

Know Your Leather

First things first. What are leather messenger bags made out of? Obviously, it is leather. But what kind or type of leather is it? There are different kinds and different types of leather out there. Each type a different quality. Likewise, each type offers something different. The type of leather will vary for different reasons. Reasons such as what kind of animal is the skin from? Or the treatment that the skin goes through to become leather. Even the layer of the skin from where the leather comes from matters. All produce different types of leather. Get to know the different types of leather and choose which type you like your leather messenger bag to be.

In choosing a leather bag, understanding the different types of leather is probably the most important part.


Starting from the top we have the full grain leather. Full grain is the highest quality leather among all leathers. It is the type of premium leather that is made to last even after a tough beating. Full grain leather comes directly from animal skin. It is the type of leather where the skin is preserved to its most natural form. The topmost layer of the skin contains the most fibers. Hence the reason why full grain is strong and durable.

Full grain is also beautiful as it ages because of its patina. It is, likewise, unique. Unique because unlike other leather, full grain has a very distinctive appearance. Imperfection from the animal skin is what gives it an uneven appearance. They say that every animal's skin is unique and so should every full grain leather.

Full grain leather has a certain toughness to it. Although it makes the leather strong and durable it also makes it harder to work with. Manufacturing costs usually account for the leather's workability and hence why full grain leather is expensive.

Top Grain

Next in line is the top grain leather. It is not as strong nor as durable as full grain. It still however gets the job done. Top grain is also from animal skin but with the natural grain off. Top grain has a uniform and more refined appearance in comparison to full grain. It, therefore, has a more sleek look to it. Likewise, top grain is more flexible than full grain. Full grain is thick and tough because of the natural grain. But for top grain, once the natural grain is removed the animal skin and leather becomes easier to work with.

Despite being second to full grain, top grain is still durable, strong, and beautiful. It can also withstand the test of time.

Genuine Leather

You may have seen genuine leather more often than full grain and top grain leather. While genuine leather is still indeed real leather its quality is far inferior from full grain and top grain leather. Genuine leather is basically a Frankenstein of leather. It is made by having a bunch of leather scraps glued together.

Despite its inferiority in quality, there are many high-quality bags made from genuine leather. They are still strong and durable when comparing them to fake leather. 'They are a lot cheaper than full grain and top grain too. Although if you are looking for a rugged heavy-duty bag, genuine leather may not be the right choice for a genuine leather messenger bag.

Suede and Nubuck

Two types of leather that you have probably heard of. Suede and nubuck leather are two popular leather often used on shoes, jackets, and furniture. Suede and nubuck are quite similar such as having a velvet-like surface. Yet both also have distinctive differences. Suede is from the underside of the animal skin. It makes suede softer and more pliable although it not as durable. Nubuck on the other hand is from the outer side of the hide. It is stronger, thicker, and has a fine grain in comparison to suede. Nubuck is soft to touch, easily scratches, and darkens when wet. Likewise, nubuck is generally more expensive than suede.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is not leather. However, since we are talking about leather, it is important to know about fake leather. It is best to avoid faux leather. Faux leather imitates real leather on how it looks and how it feels. It is however inferior with regards to strength, durability, and overall quality.

If you are looking for a bag that is made to last, you might not want a faux leather bag. However, if you are trying to avoid the idea of animal cruelty then faux leather is a great alternative. The strength and durability of the faux leather will depend on the manufacturer. But generally, its quality is inferior to real leather.


With varying leather styles, there are also varying styles of leather messenger bags. Different designs offer various advantages. From traditional styles to modern designs, there are many to choose from.

Traditional Leather Messenger Bags

Traditional leather messenger bags are what you commonly see in movies and shows. Especially movies or shows that depict the old times. Its style is simple. It may usually just have one big main compartment to store all your things. It may also have two small pockets on the outside for extra space. The traditional leather messenger bag will also have a shoulder strap and a small leather handle. There are designs where the straps is removable and there are those where it is not.

Briefcase Leather Messenger Bags

Briefcase leather messenger bags usually have a sleek design. It also has a simple exterior while its interior mainly focuses on organization. Briefcase leather messenger bags are basically handheld briefcases with a shoulder strap. It has a structure that is very upright, thus keeping your articles neat and organized.

Satchel Leather Messenger Bags

Satchlel leather messenger bags are smaller than your average messenger bag. It is designed to carry a minimal amount however it has ample of space for your valuables. Satchel leather messenger bags are often worn cross body. Unlike a regular messenger bag where it just hangs on the side, the satchel hangs on the opposite hip. Moreover, unlike a briefcase, a satchel leather messenger bag is soft sided.

They are typically used by school children because of their size. They are also easy to access. Its compartments are likewise good for storing and organizing books.

Laptop Leather Messenger Bags

Laptop leather messenger bags have become increasingly popular over the years. With more and more of our things becoming digital, devices have also become a necessity. A device which is hand for work and school is always a laptop. A laptop can store and create schoolwork and office work. The laptop is meant to be convenient and mobile however it is not easy to carry around everywhere. With the laptop leather messenger bags, you can store your laptop, macbook, and other devices securely. It keeps usually has a dedicated laptop compartment, laptop sleeve or laptop pocket. It also keeps the laptop from bumping with other things inside the bag. Likewise, keeps the laptop from moving around the bag as well.

Full-Grain Leather Messenger Bag

Full grain leather messenger bags are heavy-duty bags. They usually have a rugged vintage look because of the full grain leather. Full grain leather messenger bags although quite strong and durable are oftentimes heavy. However, if you are looking for a classy and stylish messenger bag for work or a business meeting then this style is right for you. This style is versatile enough to pull off both a professional or adventurous look. It is also versatile for an urban style or sporty get-up.

Top Full Grain Leather Messenger Bags

There are many full grain leather messenger bags out there. Many with different styles and different designs. Those of which have varying compartment sizes and compartment numbers. However, despite the numbers, we have prepared a selection of the top 3 of the best. This selection of bags focuses not only on style but on function as well. Get to know more about our selection and what makes them the best of the best.

The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

leather messenger bags
The Welch Briefcase

Looking for a vintage handmade leather messenger bag? Maybe the Welch Briefcase is perfect for you. It has a very minimal yet mature style. Although its style is simple it is a high-functioning messenger bag. This leather messenger bag is capable of carrying all your articles and valuables. It is the perfect everyday bag for men. It is also capable of housing laptops up to 14 inches wide. It is very spacious with dimensions of 16.5 inches by 12 inches by 3.5 inches (16.5" x 12" x 3.5" or 42cm x 30cm x 9cm).

However, not only is the Welch Briefcase highly functional it is also made of high-quality leather. The Welch Briefcase is made of high-quality crazy horse leather. It is therefore strong, durable, and very sturdy yet it is lightweight. In fact, despite its size, the Welch Briefcase only weighs 3.7 lbs or 1.7 kg. The Welch Briefcase likewise keeps your things secure and protected with its polyester lining. It, therefore, insulates the inside of the bag from any unwanted moisture.

The Welch Briefcase is a classic messenger bag that is also very comfortable to wear and carry. With its leather handles and adjustable strap, you will be carrying this bag with ease. Not only are the shoulder straps adjustable but they are also removable. They are likewise ergonomically designed to distribute the weight evenly across the back.

Laptop Bag The Viggo Briefcase | Leather Laptop Bag

leather messenger bags
The Viggo Briefcase

If you are looking for a professional-looking bag, the Viggo Briefcase might be just for you. The Viggo Briefcase is perfect for a formal or corporate look because of its minimal approach design. It is appearance is something that is both sleek and respectable. It also has a spacious interior compartment with polyester lining. The Viggo Briefcase, therefore, keeps your things safe and well organized while looking formal. Its dimension are 15 inches by 11.6 inches by 3.5 inches (15" x 11.6" x 3.5" or 38cm x 29cm x 9cm). Despite its space and proportions the Viggo Briefcase only weighs 3.7 lbs or 1.7 kg. This is because it is made of high-quality lightweight crazy horse leather.

With its size, the Viggo Briefcase can fit a laptop up to 14 inches in size. That laptop is also securely fastened to prevent it from moving around the bag. Even with the laptop, the Viggo Briefcase has amply space to keep your articles such as an ipad. It also has an exterior zippered pocket on the back for things that you want to easily and quickly accessible.

Furthermore, the Viggo Briefcase has two carrying options. Both very comfortable to the wearer. First, it has a leather handle bag with big loops. These loops give you plenty of space to adjust your grip. You may also wear it like a handbag if it fits your style. Second, are the ergonomically designed straps built to distribute the weight evenly across the back. These straps are adjustable and removable. Both are made of wear-proof and durable material.

The Gustav Messenger Bag | Large Capacity Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

leather messenger bags
The Gustav Messenger Bag

A large-capacity leather messenger bag with a vintage aesthetic. If you are looking for a large retro bag then you might what to consider the Gustav Messenger Bag. This large leather messenger bag's dimension are 16.5 inches by 12.6 inches by 8.3 inches (16.5" x 12.6" x 8.3" or 42cm x 32cm x 21cm).

It has two interior central compartments. These compartments are capable of storing laptops of up to 15 inches in width with ample room for other things. It also has 2 additional open pockets on the inside and 2 side pockets on the outside. The main compartment is very secure. It is well protected by not one, not two but three straps. These straps can be adjusted and securely fastened.

Despite its large size and capacity the Gustav Messenger Bag only weighs 5.7 lbs or 2.6 kg. This is because it is made of high-quality crazy horse leather. Despite the Gustav Messenger Bag is strong, durable, and sturdy it is lightweight. Likewise, crazy horse leather is also water-resistant.

Furthermore, the Gustav Messenger bag has two comfortable carrying options. Because of its size, it has a very thick and well-padded handle. It is easy to grip and hold, even for a long period of time. And if your arms ever get tired from carrying the bag, you can always wear it over your shoulder. The removable shoulder strap is adjustable and removable. The thick exterior flap will keep this vintage messenger bag protected and your things neatly kept inside.

Here is a secret. The Gustav Messenger bag does not only have two carrying options but three. You can wear the Gustave like a backpack by removing the shoulder straps from the side. There are D rings on the top and bottom where you can clip the straps. This will transform your large messenger bag into a large rucksack in no time.

Storage & Compartments

Of course, if you are looking for a bag, you would want to put first its functions before the style. For leather messenger bags, there are a few storage and compartments to know about. Different styles and different designs may alter the number of compartments and pockets. They do however serve the same purpose more or less.

Main / Large Compartment

The most spacious place around the bag is or are the main compartment. We say are because some bags have two "main" compartments. However, if you look at it simply it is just a large space with a divider in between. For leather messenger bags, the main compartment is ideally organized for mail and other documents. This is because messenger bags were primarily used by postmen and courier men, hence the name.

Laptop Sleeve in your Leather Bag

Older designs may not have these but for modern leather messenger bags, most manufacturers have incorporated this feature. Laptop sleeves or compartments in your leather messenger bags or any bag for that matter are convenient. Most persons have a laptop to carry these days. From students to office workers, a laptop is a trusted, companion. It is a matter of convenience because it not only provides space for your laptop it also secures it as well. Some laptop sleeves even have a strap to keep the laptop in place. This keeps the laptop from moving around the bag. Some sleeves also have padding on both sides.

Exterior Side Pockets:

Exterior side pockets are usually small. You may find one or two on a leather messenger bag. These pockets can store small things that you frequently use. They are also easy to access which makes them very handy. Not all leather messenger bags however have exterior side pockets. There are two types of side pockets: open side pockets and zippered pockets. Side pockets that have a strap and buckle or velcro are also available variations.

Zippered compartment

Zippered compartments whether exterior or interior is great. They are very easy to access and quick to open. Unlike straps zippers simply slide to close or open. Not only are they easy to access but they also keep your things secure.

Special Pockets For Your Stuff –

Of course, you would not want to keep your valuables in the exterior pockets. Even if those pockets are secured by a zipper or a strap, you would want a special place to store them. Things like your keys, your phone, and even big amounts of cash or credit cards. Things that you want to keep safe and hidden. Special pockets do just that. Special pockets are usually in the interior of the leather messenger bags. However, there are special pockets that are on the exterior. Like those that are on the backside of the bag.

Interior Pockets:

Interior pockets vary in size and number. Depending on the style or design of the bag. Most bags have open interior pockets or compartments. These are made to simply organize the inside of the bag. For example, keeping your smaller items separate from the larger ones. This also keeps the smaller items from going under the bag. Some interior pockets have zippers and serve as special space for your valuables.

Padded Shoulder Straps on your Shoulder Bag

For leather messenger bags, shoulder straps are a must. Primarily shoulder straps offer an alternative carrying option. It would be troublesome to hand carry a heavy bag all the time. Likewise, the shoulder strap will make heavy bags easy to carry. Moreover, padded shoulder straps are a huge bonus. They offer comfort to the wearer's shoulder. A padded shoulder strap will make a huge difference, especially when you are carrying a heavy bag.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Shoulder straps are also convenient because they are adjustable. Most if not all designs have adjustable shoulder straps. They give the wearer the freedom to choose the height of the bag relative to his or her body. Adjusting the height of the bag also makes a huge difference in comfort. Typically a leather messenger bag is worn just above your waist level to maximize mobility and comfort.

Removable Strap

Of course, leather messenger bags also have the option of removing the straps. Removable straps are very convenient. Sometimes when you hand carry a bag, the long strap may hang down. That can sometimes be a burden whenever it catches onto things. And honestly, sometimes it can just be annoying.

Brass Hardware

Leather is not the only thing that makes these leather messenger bags great. Its brass hardware is top quality. It adds to the reasons why these leather messenger bags are the best of the best. Its zippers are not only ordinary zippers. They are high-quality, heavy-duty YKK zippers. YKK zippers are world-renowned and are known all throughout the fashion industry. Our buckles are also high-quality and heavy-duty. Brass buckles are strong. They do not easily bend and likewise do not easily rust.

How to Clean a Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

To clean your leather laptop bag, you will have to be delicate. Like all leather bags, they should never be submerged in water. Water will ruin your leather. To clean your leather you should use saddle soap. If you have none, you may use a mild shampoo or baby soap. Use a clean soft cloth to dampen the leather and likewise use the same to apply soap. Use gentle circular motions to clean the leather.

Once you have rinsed all the soap off, wipe the leather dry with another soft clean cloth. Be sure to wipe it dry as soon as you can. Any prolonged moisture on the leather may ruin the leather. After you wipe the leather dry, air dry the leather for a few hours.

After your leather dries, always apply leather conditioner to your leather. Use the same technique in applying the leather conditioner. We recommend that you occasionally clean and condition your leather. Typically leather you should clean and condition your leather at least twice a year. However, you may do it more frequently depending on how much you use it.

Leather Messenger Bag New York
Welch Messenger Bag in Brooklyn

Leather Messenger Bags: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some questions about leather messenger bags before buying it is perfectly fine. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about leather messenger bags on the internet.

What should I look for in a messenger bag?

You should look for a few things such as the quality of the materials and the manufacturer. First is the leather. Be sure it is from real high-quality leather. Next is to look at the other materials such as the zippers and the buckle. You should likewise check the stitching and the bag's interior lining and finishing. Choose a manufacturer that you can trust.

Who makes the best leather messenger bags?

There are high-quality leather messenger bag manufacturers out there. However, we highly recommend Steel Horse Leather Co., when it comes to leather bags and wallets. Steel Horse Leather Co., works with only the best leather artisans to bring you genuine, high-quality leather goods and leather accessories.

Which leather is best for a leather briefcase?

For leather briefcases, full grain or top grain leather from cowhide is the best. It is extremely durable and strong. It also has a very appealing look.

Crazy horse leather is also great for a leather briefcase. It is not only high-quality leather but it is also lightweight. Hand-carrying a leather briefcase full of documents can be very heavy at times. With strong, lightweight leather, carrying a leather briefcase can be made easy.

Should I get a backpack or messenger bag?

It depends! This decision will more likely depend on your needs. For the office or corporate setting, a backpack will likely look out of place. Messenger bags on a hiking trip will likely trouble you unless you are going for an Indiana Jones look. Choosing the right bag will definitely be a matter of preference.

How do I pack my messenger bag?

Messenger bags are easy to pack. It has a large opening for easy packing and unpacking. Most leather messenger bags will have one main compartment. Be sure to pack the things you need the least at the bottom. Smaller items should be in the pocket or compartments for easy organization. If you are packing your laptop, be sure to place it in the laptop sleeve. When packing books and other documents are sure to pack them upright. This makes it more organized and easier to access.

Are messenger bags comfortable?

Messenger bags are very comfortable. Most messenger bags have padding on the handles. This makes the handle easier to grip and carry for a long time. And if you are not a fan of had carrying your messenger bag, there is always a shoulder strap. Shoulder straps are adjustable and removable. They also have paddings for extra comfort. Most shoulder straps are also ergonomically designed to distribute the weight evenly across the back. Talk about comfort!

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