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Men's Leather Bags: The Ultimate 2022 Buying Guide

Men's Leather Bags: The Ultimate 2022 Buying Guide

Men's Leather Duffel Bag
Men’s Leather Duffel Bag / Weekender

Men’s Leather Bags - The Best on the Market

Leather is one of the most marvelous materials out there. It has many uses and applications, from leather furniture, leather accessories, and other leather goods. One of the most known applications for leather is men’s bags. Leather bags are strong, durable, and are able to carry more weight than other materials out there. However, if you are looking to buy one you might have a problem. Men's leather bags come in many shapes and sizes. There are leather backpacks, leather messenger bags, and leather duffel bags among others.

Finding the correct one for you might be a hard quest, yet in end, it will be enormously rewarding. There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing among the men's leather bags. However, with this guide choosing the perfect leather bag will be a breeze.

Men’s Leather Bags: The Things To Consider

Of course, there are a lot of things for us to consider when choosing a bag. Things such as the size, the type, and the kind of leather. However, the most important thing to consider is how you will use the leather bag. Its use is very important and should be the main factor in choosing a leather bag. Otherwise, you would utterly regret choosing a large duffel bag for the office or something similar.


Among the things to consider is size. Men's leather bags come in various sizes. From small backpacks to medium size messenger bags to large and heavy duffel bags. Likewise, as the size increases so will its weight. In order to find the best bag for your needs, you should evaluate the bag in comparison to your body size and strength. Additionally, you may want to consider what items will also be included in your backpack as well.

The Type of Bag

Of course, since this is an article about Men's leather bags, you will definitely have to consider the type of bag to choose from. Each type offers a different future from straps to handles, to the pockets, and zippers. Some also consider choosing the style that compliments their look. Take a lawyer, for example, a leather briefcase will surely complement his style more than carrying a leather backpack to court.

The Type of Leather for you Men’s Leather Bags

If you think there is only one type of leather then you are wrong. There are a variety of leather types to choose from. Different types of leather will also have different qualities and characteristics. There are soft types of leather, there is also a leather that is thick, there are also leathers that are flexible. Moreover, there are many types of leather to choose from, there is high-grade leather and there is low-grade leather. Likewise, there is also real leather and there is also faux leather.

Get to know more about leather here: Steel Horse Leather Co. | The Journal


If you are thinking of buying leather goods such as men's leather bags, the price will surely be a factor. The price will usually depend on the quality or grade of the leather. Some types of leather such as full-grain leather may cost more than most if not all leather. If a leather type of your liking is too expensive there are other grades to choose from. Some leather types such as top grain leather are great in both quality and price. Moreover, most of the real leather is great in quality although some of them might be a little bit pricey than the others. On the other hand, fake leather is cheap yet you comprise the quality of the material. It is therefore important to do your research before blindly choosing a leather bag just because it looks good.


If you will choose between many types of men's leather bags, the thing you might want to consider the most is how you will use them. Use is very important in deciding which bag to pick. You may want the leather bag for school, or for work, for the office, for impressing your friends and family, and even your clients. Moreover, let us not forget that one of the main uses of leather bags is for travel. Whether you go on a quick weekend trip or a long hike out in the woods.

Men's Leather Bag

Men's leather bags are designed to protect our fragile digital devices from carrying laptops and mobile phones, to housing cameras and accessories.

Men’s Leather Bags - Leather Backpacks

Leather Backpacks are not your ordinary backpacks. Leather backpacks are made to look rough and rugged. It is perfect for the outdoors and any outdoor activity. Of course, while its looks are different, leather backpacks function like ordinary backpacks as well. For many years the backpack has been used to ease the burden of carrying heavy things by transferring that burden to your shoulders. This likewise frees your hands from carrying anything.

There have been many variations of the backpack. With many altercations to its design and material. Likewise, with each modification, the backpack broadens its uses. From students using it in school to mountaineers and hikers that love to go camping and hiking. The backpack is almost perfect for any occasion.

With many varieties of backpacks, so do men's leather backpacks. Below is a list of what we think are the best leather backpacks of 2022. From aesthetic to function, these leather backpacks are sure to catch your eye.

The Hagen Backpack

Strong, durable, and vintage. The Hagen Backpack is a leather backpack worthy of high praise. It is a bag that is made for everyday use. Despite its rugged look, the Hagen Backpack is very comfortable to wear. Its material is made from crazy horse leather. It is therefore soft and lightweight. Moreover, because of its durability, it is a bag that is perfect for daily use.

The Hagen is likewise a spacious bag. It is able to fit a 14-inch laptop inside comfortably and securely. It likewise has two exterior compartments for added space. These exterior compartments are likewise secure yet easy to access.

The Asmund Backpack

The Asmund backpack is both “fashion” and “function” in one. It is a leather backpack with a dominant vintage aesthetic. Likewise, the Asmund Backpack is a strong and dependable backpack for everyday use. It also holds a commendable capacity as it comfortably holds a 14-inch laptop securely inside. Moreover, this genuine leather backpack is not only strong and beautiful but is also made from crazy horse leather. It is lightweight and more importantly, it is durable.

The Helka Backpack

Men's Leather Bag

An all-around bag, the Helka Backpack is meant for everyone to use, anywhere. This is a bag that will never go out of style whether in an outdoor or urban setting. It has a basic, sleek design that allows it to fit in any environment. Despite its simple design, the Helka is a very spacious bag, capable of holding a laptop of up to 15 inches. It also has three exterior compartments. The middle exterior compartment being the most secure among the three.

Overall, the Helka Backpack is perfect for those who cannot decide on a style or is very new to leather. It is a bag that is comfortable in any scenario without getting out of place.

The Freja Backpack

If the Freja Backpack is one thing, it is a multifunctional backpack. The Freja is the type of backpack that you may use for school, for work, and for quick weekend trips out of town. It is a high-capacity backpack with secure pockets in and out of the bag. It is also able to carry a laptop of up to 15 inches or essential gadgets that you may need in school or at work. Despite its size, it is lightweight and has comfortable staps meant for extended use.

The Vali Backpack

The Vali Backpack is a beautifully designed leather product, it is simple yet sophisticated. It is, however, a backpack that is made with efficiency and function in mind. The Vali backpack has a classic design with the everyday person in mind. The Vali backpack features a gusseted main compartment that is perfect for storing books, notebooks, binders, or anything else you can fit between the compartments. The main compartment opens with zipper access in the front for easy access to whatever you've placed inside. On the front of the backpack, there is a small pocket that lies on top of the main compartment. Its straps also provide extra comfort as it distributes the backpack's weight evenly despite its structure.

Men's Leather Bag

The Shelby Backpack

Men's Leather Bag

The Shelby Leather Backpack is top quality, made of genuine leather. It is hand-stained and hand-distressed giving it a vintage leather look. The straps are extra durable and extra wide for more comfort. It is a backpack of both purpose and flair. With its spacious main compartment, it can comfortably fit a laptop of up to 17 inches with a lot of room for other essentials. Additionally, the Shelby has small pockets and compartments to organize your smaller items. They are closed by YKK zippers and buckles to keep your items safe from falling out. This is a backpack of both style and utility. It is perfect for outdoor activities or the daily commute. The most remarkable feature of this backpack is its lightweight. Despite being made of genuine leather, it's surprisingly lightweight making it a great travel bag.

We have more leather backpacks in store for you. Head on to the link below to access more of our beautiful vintage leather backpacks.

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Men’s Leather Messenger Bags and Briefcases

If there is one thing that leather does best, it is to catch your eye. Whether that leather sports a rugged look much like the full-grain or buffalo leather. Or a more refined and uniform look much like corrected leather such as top grain leather. Leather messenger bags and briefcases definitely belong among the two.

Messenger bags and briefcases are similar in form and function with a slight variation. Leather messenger bags and satchels, in general, sport a more casual look. Leather briefcases on the other hand, generally give off a more professional vibe. It is something that you might expect to see in a business setting. While messenger bags are usually for university students lugging around their books and a laptop across campus. Make no mistake both are great men's leather bags.

Choosing between the two will definitely be because of personal preference. The price, function, and style will however play a big role when it comes to choice. Nonetheless, we present a list of the best leather messenger bags and briefcases for men of 2022. Make no mistake, they are eye-catching.

The Welch Briefcase

If you are looking for a vintage handmade leather messenger bag, then we would love to suggest the Welch briefcase. The Welch briefcase has a minimal and mature style that prioritizes function and quality over style. It is definitely one of our high-functioning messenger bags/briefcases. The Welch Briefcase is capable of carrying a generous quantity of documents, articles, and other valuables. That likewise includes your laptop, tablet, and other mobile electronic devices. Moreover, it can house laptops up to 14 inches wide. It is therefore a spacious bag. Perfect for men who are either studying or teaching at the university or working on paperwork at the office.

Nonetheless, while the Welch priorities function it is still a beautiful leather bag. It likewise gives off that casual, rugged, heirloom look. Or in other words, it has that vintage aesthetic. Something that looks like it may have been passed down from one generation to another.

However, leather messenger bags and briefcases are not just about function and appearance. What also matters is the type of leather that we use on every leather good. It is safe to safe that for the Welch briefcase, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the leather quality. Its material comes from high-quality crazy horse leather. Crazy horse leather is strong, durable, and very sturdy. Moreover, despite being a strong leather it is still lightweight.

The Viggo Briefcase

However, if you are looking for something other than a casual look on a briefcase, then say no more. Presenting the Viggo briefcase. The Viggo is a minimal, clean-cut briefcase. It’s perfect for formal or corporate settings. It sports a sleek and respectable appearance. Moreover, not only is the Viggo great on the outside but on the inside as well. This wonderful briefcase has a spacious interior compartment with polyester lining. It is well organized just like how it looks. It can also house a laptop of up to 14 inches and other essentials for the office or a business meeting. This briefcase also includes a zippered pocket on the back for things that you want to access easily and quickly.

Of course, the Viggo briefcase is made with our strong and lightweight crazy horse leather. Only top-quality leather for a top-quality item.

The Hemming Leather Laptop Bag

Men's Leather Bag

For those who want to keep it subtle yet professional, the Hemming Leather Laptop Bag is a great choice. Like the Viggo Briefcase, the Hemming is great for carrying your essentials to the office or to a corporate meeting. However, unlike the Viggo Briefcase, the Hemming keeps its design subtle and simple. Something that does not steal the spotlight but nonetheless amplifies your corporate style.

Moreover, the Hemming is designed to efficiently carry items well. It is spacious yet light. Easily accessible yet secure. Additionally, this bag is capable of housing a laptop that is up to 15 inches in size. Despite its great capacity to carry items, the Hemming is made to be lightweight and strong because of crazy horse leather. It is a very dependable and long-lasting product. The Hemming is truly a great investment, especially for those who are new to leather and the corporate world.

The Gustav Messenger Bag

If you are looking for a high-capacity messenger bag, then look no further. The Gustav Leather Messenger Bag is a high-capacity bag that lets you carry your essentials and more. Boasting its capacity, it has two interior central compartments that are capable of storing laptops of up to 15 inches in size. Moreover, even with a laptop inside, the Gustav Messenger Bag still has room for more. It likewise has two additional open pockets on the inside and two side pockets on the outside for quick and easy access. Despite displaying a number of compartments, the Gustav Leather Messenger Bag is lightweight. This is mainly due to lightweight and high-quality crazy horse leather. Finally, the Gustav Leather Messenger Bag is a very secure bag. Each and every compartment is secured with heavy-duty buckles that keep flaps shut and in place.

Not finding what you are looking for? We have more in store for you. Head on to the link below to access more of our marvelous leather messenger bags and briefcases.

Steek Horse Leather Co. | Vintage Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Men’s Leather Bags - Duffel Bags and Weekenders

Leather duffel bags are marvelous bags of different styles for almost any occasion. They are usually around medium to large to extra-large sizes. These bags can store everything that you need and more. Whether you are going on a long trip or visiting the folks over the weekend the duffel bag is the perfect bag for you and your luggage. Unlike canvas duffel bags, leather duffel bags are indeed heavy. However, leather is an incredibly strong, durable material that will keep your belongings safe and secure, even at full capacity.

Duffel bags or as others call it the "weekender" can be used for many things. It can be for traveling, whether for a long trip or a quick one. It is also perfect for the gym if you have no gym bags available. Duffel bags are also great for the beach, carrying your beach essentials in one pack. The list goes on.

Below are a few of what we think are the best leather duffels bags of 2022. Not only are they spacious, they likewise give off that vintage leather look. Something that you can definitely show off at the airport.

The Dagny Weekender

Men's Leather Bags

The Dagny Weekender bag is a simple large leather duffel bug made with high-quality materials. It is capable of carrying large loads without ever having to worry about wear and tear. It is not only spacious but secure on the inside as well. With a large main compartment that is able to hold valuables such as a laptop in place. It likewise has pockets lined within the bag's interior. Perfect for smaller valuables that may get lost in the main compartment.

Men's leather bags

Moreover, its design has more than just the ability to store a big quantity of items. It is also a leather bag that is comfortable to carry despite being a large capacity bag. The duffel bag has two options to carry: either by hand through the leather handles or rest it easy on your shoulders with the straps. Regardless. both options are comfortable. Truly a bag that is easy to pack and travel.

The Bard Weekender

The Bard Weekender Duffel Bag is a handmade bag that is eye-catching in style and design. From its rugged leather look to its convenient modern compartments, the Bard Weekender is a must-have bag. This bag is perfect for all of your weekend adventures, whether they are traveling or staying close to home. This bag also has a built-in iPad pocket so you can stay organized and productive!

This Bard Weekender Duffel Bag is perfect for anyone who loves all things stylish and practical. It's just right for the professional who always needs to be prepared for any occasion that comes their way or the traveler who wants to look stylish on their trip.

This leather weekend bag/overnight bag is spacious with the average dimensions of 28" x 15" x 12". It is made from heavy-duty nylon webbing and can easily accommodate your life's essentials. It includes a padded laptop sleeve, an iPad/tablet pocket, and pockets on either side for stowing other gadgets or tools. Of course, if you need to switch from your shoes to sandals, a spare pair of shoes is always tucked away in the corner. Additionally, a shoe compartment is stowed away in the center compartment of the bag for extra care and protection. You will never have to worry about your shoes getting dirty or damaged in your bag during transport.

The Endre Weekender

The Endre Weekender is the big brother of the Dagny weekender, literally. It offers more space with its main compartment and likewise offers more organization. It is designed with convenient compartments inside and out for small and medium items. Moreover, the Dagny has a shoe compartment perfect for those who need a quick trip after work.

While the Endre offers more space it has less in design. But in a good way. The Endre has a sleek, uniform look that fits in on both a professional setting and a vacation setting. Its minimal design allows it to be resilient in most environments and not contrast any of your styles.

The Erlend Weekender

The Erlend Weekender is a durable, lightweight backpack designed for weekend trips. It's sleek and sexy, made of the highest leather. This bag is perfect for people who want a little more than just what fits in their pockets or handbag but not too bulky that it would be too hard to carry and store. Its sophisticated is perfect for both a formal or casual setting. Additionally, not only is the design sophisticated but it is also made for function. It has two large exterior pockets to store your belongings and very useful interior pockets to keep everything organized.

The Erlend is designed not only to look great but feels great. It is made of high-quality crazy horse leather that keeps it lightweight. Of course, this leather duffel bag is as strong and durable as other leather duffel bags in this guide. While its size is smaller than the other duffel bags, the space it offers is more than adequate. More importantly, unlike large duffel bags, the Erlend is perfect not only for travel but for daily use as well. Being small has its advantages, and this is where the Erlend shines amongst other duffel bags and even suitcases.

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