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Passport Leather Cover

Passport Leather Cover

Passport Leather Cover for Travelers
Priam Handmade Leather Passport Cover

The Passport Leather Cover for Travelers

Before going any further, you should understand what a "passport holder" or "passport cover" is. The Passport Leather Cover is a travel cover that protects your passport from damage and keeps it safe in the event of an emergency. It features a durable, waterproof exterior with a soft interior lining to keep your documents and other essentials need to be protected. The cover has a zipper closure on one end and a snap closure on the other so you can easily access your passport without opening the cover.

The passport leather cover is handy. This cover will fit passports up to 6 inches wide. There are many different types of products available on the market from sleeves, wallets, and cases, made of leather, plastic, or cork.

Passport Leather Cover & Passport Holders

A passport holder is just like a wallet. It usually comes in two sizes: small and large. You'll find these holders at most airports. They also come in handy when traveling overseas because they allow you to leave your passport behind when you go through customs. If you're planning to visit another country, this is a great way to make sure you don't lose your passport.

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll find an essential companion curated collection of leather passport covers. There's a selection that includes classic designs like the Classic Wallet Passport Holder and Signature Series passport case, which offer a sleek look and extra protection against wear and tear. Also got some fun options such as the Vintage Leather Passport Wallet and the Classic Wallet Passport Case. And if you want something more rugged, there's a variety of leather passport holders made of genuine leather.

Leather passport covers are using premium materials and quality craftsmanship. Each product undergoes rigorous testing.

Passport Leather Cover: All you need to know

The Passport Leather Cover protects your passport from scratches, stains, and dust. It also provides a convenient place to store your passport, making it easier to locate than a regular wallet or purse.

Travel destinations across the globe have already started requiring testing or vaccination proof before visitors arrive. Make sure you keep your passport and Covid vaccine card safe and sound. Choose a good leather passport cover. These are some questions about the passport cover:

Why Would you Want to Use a Passport Leather Cover?

You have a case for your phone, and you've got a case for your tablet, so why would you choose to put your most important travel document at risk by leaving it unprotected? If you're planning to travel abroad, you may want to consider having your passport.

A passport cover protects your passport from wear and tear and damage by spilled liquids or rainfall. A passport cover personalizes a uniform item; it makes your passport easier to identify and it adds some style. The interior of a travel wallet cover also allows you to store all the travel documents you'll need, such as a boarding pass, together in one place Stuffed inside your pants' pockets, a naked passport makes it easier for thieves to steal than if it were in plain sight. Using a passport cover helps you feel more secure about keeping your passport safe.

What Material is Use for Passport Leather Cover?

Its made from a variety of materials. The cheapest form of covering, which offers protection from rain but doesn't hide the contents, is a transparent vinyl cover, often sold in multiple packs. There is also a range of vegan-friendly fabric covers and faux leather cover options, but the most durable and stylish one is a full-grain leather case, which offers the best protection from scratches. Many passport covers also include RFID blocking material, ensuring that personal information that contained inside the chip.

Personalized Passport Leather Cover with Initials
Priam Handmade Leather Passport Cover

Personalized Passport Leather Cover with Initials

If you're looking for an inexpensive, fashionable, unisex wedding gift, passport covers are an ideal choice. If you’re looking for examples of queues, just look at any airport queue. Most people don’t use them and if they do, they’re usually quite pleasant. Make your special day unforgettable for them by adding their initials or putting a personal message inside.

It makes sense to customize your passport with a set of initials for your name. This not only helps identify your passport quickly but also prevents someone else who has a similar passport cover from stealing it by mistake. Apart from the practical benefits, it’s a nice touch and thoughtful addition to giving the cover as a gift too.

Alternatives to a Passport Leather Cover

Some alternatives that you can use are a passport sleeve, a pouch, or a small box. However, these are not as effective as a passport cover because they won't protect your passport from moisture and dust. In fact, they might even attract unwanted attention. Also, if you lose your passport, you will need to go through a lot of trouble to find it again. It could take hours, 90 days, weeks, or months depending on where you live. With a passport cover, you can simply pick up your passport and start traveling right away.

How to Choose a Quality Passport Leather Cover

Some order comes with free standard shipping. But if you're in a rush, overnight options are available. When choosing a passport cover, there are several factors to keep in mind:

1. How much money are you willing to spend?

The price of a passport cover depends on its size, quality, and design. If you are looking for something cheap, then you should opt for a transparent vinyl cover. These are easy to make and very affordable. They offer basic protection against rain and dirt. Some of them come with a plastic window that lets you see your passport. If you want a better quality cover, you can get a passport cover made from high-quality leather. These are expensive but they last longer and provide excellent protection.

2. What color is your passport cover going to be?

You can choose between black and brown color. Black is classic and timeless; however, if you want to stand out, then you may prefer a more colorful option. Brown is generally less flashy than black but still elegant enough to match almost any outfit.

3. Do you have a preference for gender-neutral or personalized covers?

Gender-neutral covers aren't necessarily cheaper than customized ones. However, they are easier to find in stores. On the other hand, customized covers cost more upfront. You can add your own initial, monogram, or logo to give it a personalized feel.

4. Are you concerned about the security of your passport?

A passport cover protects your passport from damage caused by water, heat, and scratches. This means that your passport will stay safe during travel. However, if you plan on taking your passport with you, you'll need to consider how secure it is, some passports contain RFID protection that allows them to be tracked. If this feature isn't important to you, then you don't need to worry about the security of your cover.

5. Is your passport cover going to serve multiple purposes?

If you're planning on using your cover as a wallet, then you should look into the type of material used. A good choice would be a combination of leather and fabric. This way, you can carry your passport securely without having to worry about scratching it.

6. Will you be carrying your passport often?

If you plan on carrying your passport around all day every day, then you should probably invest in a durable cover. However, if you only plan on carrying it occasionally, then you should opt instead for a lightweight cover.

7. Does your passport cover need to fit well?

If you're an active person who travels frequently, then you should definitely buy a cover that fits well. Otherwise, it will slip off easily and you will not enjoy wearing it.

8. Do you want to protect your passport from dust?

Most passport covers include a zipper to keep dust away from your passport. However, worried about dust getting inside your cover, then you should get one with a flap. Flaps prevent dust from entering through the sides of the cover.

9. What kind of features does your cover have?

Some passport covers come with additional pockets, such as a money pouch or credit cardholder. Others have zippers so that you can separate different items. Some even have compartments where you can store documents.

10. Is there anything else I should know?

You may also want to consider what color your cover is. Many people prefer black because it goes with everything. Other risky color combinations like red and blue are popular too.

11. Which cover is right for me?

There's no single best cover out there. It depends on your needs and preferences. You can choose between custom-made covers, ready-to-wear covers, and passport covers. Customized covers from great leather or canvas. They are expensive and take time to make. Ready-to-wear covers are cheaper but they won't last long. Passport covers are the simplest option. They are inexpensive and easy to find.

12. Are passport covers safe?

Yes, they are very secure. This holds your passport, so you don't need to worry about losing it.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact a customer service representative who can assist and provide you with information regarding passport cover options. To ensure that your mind is at peace when buying your next cover. Also, check out whether the seller is legitimate or not. You can try to look on Etsy or other online platforms.

The important things you need when your travel
Priam Handmade Leather Passport Cover

Important Things You Need When You Travel

Traveling abroad is always exciting and fun. But before you go, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically. Here are some important things u need when you travel:

Luggage Tag

Luggage tags help airlines and airports keep track of lost luggage. They're one of the most important travel accessories

The Luggage Tag is from top-grain leather with an adjustable buckle closure and a small writing space for your contact details. It's perfect for travelers who want to carry less luggage. You can add your personal contact details to the tag itself by writing them out by hand. It has two interior pockets for holding keys and other valu­ables.

Specific Elements

When you travel, you need to pack specific elements. For example, when you travel to foreign countries, you need to bring specific elements such as a passport, visa, wallet, etc.

In addition to these specific elements, you also need a few general things. These include food, water, toiletries, and clothing, this way you can be prepared for any situation during your trip.

Travel Wallet

A Travel Wallet is a convenient way to organize your cash, credit cards, ID, and any other essentials you might need while traveling. Made from genuine leather, this wallet has four card slots and a compartment for coins. There's also a slot for your driver's license. It comes with a magnetic snap closure and a keyring.

Leather Passport Case

This passport case is from premium full grain cowhide leather. It has a removable pocket to hold your passport and a zip closure to keep dirt at bay. It also includes a strap to attach to your bag.

Leather Pouch

This leather pouch is ideal for storing passports, tickets, boarding passes, and more. It has a zip closure and a detachable shoulder strap.

Different Kinds of Leather Materials for Passport Cover

There are different types of leather used in making passport covers. Some of them are below:

Top grain leather or Corrected Grain Leather

The material has an artificial grain applied to remove any remaining natural imperfections. It's as real as the full-grain leather, but with some makeup on. It might not be as good as the full-grain one but it is good enough to use for most purposes.

Upholstery is most in demand. It's the best option for most other projects besides leather. Its made using cow skin or buffalo skin, but most people prefer cowhide. Buffalo skin is more supple than cow skin.

Genuine leather

It was assumed that genuine leather is the best quality leather. But it turns out that fake leather is better than real leather. Full-grain leather is lower in quality than genuine leather; but to an uneducated person, it looks like quite a high-quality product and the original leather.

Bonded leather

It is much in demand in furniture manufacturing. When you think about it, scrap leather is made into a paste that’s glued together to make leather-like products. But, they aren’t real leather. This is not what we want if we're looking for good genuine authentic leather products. It has the look of leather and it is cheap so many people prefer it for furniture accessories and other things.

It is difficult for a layman to tell the difference between good leathers and bonded leathers. You will be able only to tell the difference when you've used them for a long time – obviously, the leather products will last longer than the bonded leather products. Another fact is that fake leather doesn't start to look worn and ugly until it has been used for a long time.

Full Grain Leather

This type of leather is soft and supple. It is commonly used to make leather jackets and purses. Full-grain leather is usually dyed brown. The color will change depending on how it is treated

Cowhide Leather

This type of product is made from the hide of cattle. Cowhide leather is very popular because it is durable and easy to work with. It is often used in making wallets, bags, and other products.


This material is similar to suede but it is smoother and softer. Velvet is mostly used to make shoes, wallets, and accessories.

Tanned Leather

This is the result of treating hides or skins with chemicals. Tanned leather is hard and tough. It is used to create belts, handbags, shoes, and other products.

Natural Leather

This is the original form of leather. Natural leather is soft and flexible. It is used to create handbags, wallets, and other products.

Suede Leather

Suede leather feels and looks different from other types of leather. It’s not always easy to see the soft and fuzzy underside. The suede material has been made by turning the leather inside out so that its fuzzy side faces up.

Aniline Leather

A dye that is only used for aniline leather is a soluble dye. Leathers allow the natural surface of their skins to be used for making shoes. Leathers made from higher quality hides are usually used because they have nice, even surface textures.

After that, it is then finished with a thick protective coating to help prevent rapid wearing of the leather, or anything else from showing up on the outer surface. It can be a visually appealing way to dye leather since it allows the original surface of the material to show through.

Antique Grain Leather

Antique grain is an old type of leather that has had its surface scratched and worn to give an aged and weathered look. It might involve several different finishes or a rubbed pattern that mimics wear over time. Antique grain leather gives you the ability to create a finished product that has an aged look, without having to use very old or worn-out leather.

Brush Colored Leather

Pigmented leather is colored by applying pigment through brushing. It creates a unique pattern of colors on each piece. There may be differences in the gradients, blending, or overall tones. Colored leather is nice for finished items that want a distinct and creative visual appearance.

Degrained Leather

Degrained leather refers to leather that has been stripped of its natural grain layer. This usually happens toward the end of the production cycle. Degraded leather has benefits including a smooth, consistent surface that looks quite nice.

Embossed Leather

Embossed leather refers to a type of leather that has been produced by creating raised patterns on the finished product. You can do this by stamping, pressing the leather, rolling, molding, or forming the leather. Embossed elements can be anything from designs to lettering to any visual enhancements to the leather’s surface.

Faux Leather

Its made generally of polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane. Fake leather looks exactly like real leather but costs significantly less than real leather. It is used often for upholstery purposes and has the benefits of low cost, durability, and ease of cleaning.

It doesn't reflect real leather qualities such as wearing better over time, having natural stretchability, being breathable, resistance to cuts and abrasions, and a natural look/feel.

Some prone users of these products may experience skin irritation if they come into contact with this leather. The chemical composition of these items varies widely, so it's recommended to read product labels carefully before purchasing.

Hand Worked Leather

Handcrafted leather is a type of leather made by hand using leather tools. This can result in real leather with tooled, stapled, etched, or embos­sed surfaces. The results can be quite stunning when you're working with hand-made leather.

Interwoven Leather

Interwoven Leather is a type of leather that has been braided together. Often seen in belts and other accessories, the weaving of the leather laces creates a unique-looking texture. Belts, small handbags, and pouches are common products, depending on the skill levels of the weavers.

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is usually made from cowhide and is then treated with a top coat of pigments. That pigment helps both protect the leather from cracking and provides an even surface for the leather to sit on. Pigmented leather is usually protected by a clear protective coating, which helps prevent the leather from cracking.

Printed Leather

Printed Leather is a kind of leather that has the texture printed onto its surface. It creates various leather surface types which may serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functional purposes might include making the leather surface more resistant to scratches and abrasions. For aesthetic purposes, you may want to make it look uniformly pebbly or nubby. Printed leathers can be a good alternative to traditional leathers.

Washable Leather

Washable leather is a type of leather that is better suited for cleaning purposes. It’s essential to keep leather clean however, there are ways to wash it without damaging it. If you're going to wear something that requires frequent cleaning, then you might want to consider using washable leather so that the item lasts longer and stays in good condition.

The most common types of passport holders
Priam Handmade Leather Passport Cover

Most Common Types of Passport Holders

There are many different kinds of passport holders available. Some are designed for use while traveling abroad. Others are designed for use at home. Here are some of the most popular types

Passport wallet

This type of holder is both an everyday travel wallet and a business cardholder. It allows you to carry credit cards and other important documents in one place. This is a great option for people who want to carry their passports, driver’s licenses, health insurance cards, and other important travel docs together.

Passport sleeve

The standard option, which is just a sleeve, covers and protects your passport. It doesn't add any extra bells or whistles. You can add some extra style to your resume by choosing something bright or having graphics. If you're looking for function over form then there are plenty of choices out there.

Neck passport holder

A neck passport holder is best for people who need an extra layer of security when traveling. It acts as lanyards around the neck, with a place to store a passport underneath your shirt, so you don't have to worry about losing it. Those who are traveling to countries where pickpockets are common should choose this wallet for its added security and protection.

RFID blocking passport holder

This type of holder prevents malicious RFID signals from stealing your credit card and other sensitive information without your credit card ever leaving your wallet Some RFID blocking wallets use electromagnetic technology to protect your credit card from “skimming” (the act of stealing your credit card information). Some RFID blocking wallets are not made equally and should be changed out at least once every few months due to wear and tear.

Different Passport Covers for Special Profiles

There is some profile that helps people to find the right cover for them. Here is some example that can help you to identify what passport cover fits you.

Vision Impaired Profile

If you have vision impairment, you may want to get a passport holder that has raised lettering. These holders make reading easier for those with low vision. They also come in various colors and styles to fit your personality and lifestyle.

Cognitive Disability Profile

Some passport holders are specifically designed for people with cognitive disabilities such as Alzheimer's disease. They have raised lettering and large numbers, making them easy to read. They also have larger spaces between the lines of text, allowing for more room for writing.

Friendly Profile

These passport holders are designed for people with an autism spectrum disorder. They have large fonts and bold colors, making them easier to read. They also include tactile features like bumps and ridges, which help children with autism learn how to identify objects.

Assists Profile

People with physical disabilities often find carrying a regular passport difficult. A passport holder with a built-in handle makes it much easier to hold onto. The handles on these passport holders are usually adjustable, so they can be used by anyone regardless of size or height.

Traveler Profile

For travelers who are constantly moving, a passport holder with a strap allows you to carry it securely while still being able to move freely. This type of passport holder includes a clip that attaches to clothing or luggage so you can easily access your passport when needed.

There are many different types of passport covers available, but all of them serve their purpose. Choose one that will work best for you and keep your passport safe.

Tips on How to Clean your Passport Cover

Tips on How to Clean your Passport Cover

Passports are no different than any other surface that can spread germs after being handled by various people while traveling, so they should be cleaned regularly too.

Before you start, check the care instructions for your passport cover. They may vary depending on the material of your cover. Here are some tips for following them:

Plastic Passport Cover

You should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect plastic passport covers. This will ensure all dirt is removed from the surface

Leather passport covers

Unlike a plastic cover which doesn't require any extra care, a leather cover needs extra care because sanitizers, cosmetics and perfumes, and even soap can cause damage. To clean a leather cover, the easiest way is to wipe it down first with a damp rag and then use a separate rag to completely dry it. Don't let the leather sit damp, near a heat source, or near anything else that could damage it. You can also use leather-specific cleaners that include oils that help moisturize the leather too.

Suede passport covers

Suede can often be the most difficult type to clean and requires a special suede brush and white vinegar. The brush helps to remove dirt, and using a separate cloth with vinegar can help brighten its appearance.

Maintaining quality is the key to maintaining the quality of your product. After each trip, clean your passport cover. If you're not sure which material your passport cover is made from, check with the manufacturer. They may recommend using a specific cleaning product for their products.


Passports cover not only make your passport appear a little bit more special, but they also offer some protection against wear and tear from scratches. Many have RFID blocking capabilities, which help to ensure that your data remains safe from unauthorized scans.

Whether you're a regular flier or just beginning your international travels, pick a passport cover that matches your travel style. In maintaining the passport cover's quality, don't forget to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Do I need a passport holder?

While some may see passport holders as just a fashion accessory, they do more than just add a personal touch to your travel gear.

They help protect your passport from wear and tear and some also offer RFID protection too. Passport holders are a great idea, no matter where you're traveling to.

Which is the best passport cover?

Leather Passport Holder

Vegan Leather RFID Blocking Passport Holder

Fossil RFID Passport Case

How do I know if my passport has RFID?

All U.S. passports issued since 2007 are fitted with an RFID chip that contains your photo and contact information.

How do I protect my passport from being scanned?

Some passport holders come complete with RFID-blocking technology, which helps to protect your passport and credit cards against skimmers looking to fraudulently capture your data.

Where Can I Buy Passport Cover?

Passport covers are sold almost everywhere, from the designer store down the boulevard or even at the online store.

What is the best way to buy a passport cover?

For those looking for the most variety in terms of color, material, and other functional purposes, your best bet is to look on the internet or in legit store.

What is the most expensive passport cover?

Designer brands generally all have higher-end options available. Leather covers are the most durable, but they're expensive.

What is a Passport Holder?

A passport holder, or passport cover, is a snugly fitting sleeve used to protect your passport from damage while adding extra style.

What is a good passport cover?

A good passport cover is light, sleek, and offers a design that fits your style and even your luggage.

What are the benefits of using a passport cover?

Passport holders come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs, but at the end of the day, they are all meant to serve the same purpose serve as a travel wallet keeping your passport safe from damage and accidents while traveling.

What are the different types of passport covers?

There is also a range of vegan-friendly fabric covers and faux leather covers, however, the most durable and stylish option is a full-grain leather cover which offers the best protection for your passport.

Is Passport Cover Safe?

Passport holder covers can protect your passport from normal wear and tear, and from getting stains or spills.

What do you want to say?

Make your special day memorable for them by adding their initials or putting a personal message on the interior.

What is the best way to customize your passport cover?

It makes good sense to customize your passport cover with a set of initials.

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