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The Best Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men

The Best Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men

The Best Genuine Leather Messenger Bags for Men


Because steel horse leather messenger leather bags are sturdy and durable, comfortable and elegant, of different sizes and styles.

It is the perfect companion for easy and safe transportation of laptops, books and other items.

 In steel horse leather we are dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and production of leather bags, made by the best artisans in the field.

Something very important is that the leather we use in all our products is treated with a special wax, which is highly resistant to water and other liquids. Therefore, when applied to leather, it protects the fibers of this much better than other substances used in common leather goods

All steel horse leather messenger leather bags are entirely handmade products, with genuine leather and of very good quality. Due to their individual manufacturing process and the fact that they are made entirely of natural material, each bag ends up with a slightly different color, so each leather bag is unique.

Therefore this product is ideal for professional men and men in general.


Steel Horse Leather Messenger Bags

1-      The Welch briefcase vintage leather messenger bag

The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Leather Messenger Bag - STEEL HORSE LEATHER, Handmade, Genuine Vintage Leather

Welch Briefcase has capacity for all storage needs, with a perfect combination of shoulder bag and briefcase, with a mature style, which provides comfort to the user. This bag is sturdy, made of high quality leather and is capable of safely carrying books and laptops up to 14 inches, as well as any other item. This briefcase, is highly functional, is also elegant in appearance that seems to belong to any environment; allowing the owner to take it with confidence to any occasion, formal or not. On the outside it has a zippered back pocket and inside it has two central compartments, with a large zippered compartment. It comes with a handle lined in wear-resistant leather and adjustable shoulder straps. 

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2-      The Viggo briefcase genuine leather messenger bag

 The Viggo Briefcase | Genuine Leather Messenger Bag - STEEL HORSE LEATHER, Handmade, Genuine Vintage Leather

The Viggo briefcase is designed to transport items easily and safely, with its elegant arrangement of spacious interior compartments, which makes it an ideal companion for all your work-related needs, while increasing your formal appearance in a corporate environment. The case is made of high quality leather, which guarantees a reliable and durable product, and a natural color that develops over time. It comes with a zippered back pocket on the outside and two open compartments and a large zippered compartment inside. It has two transport options: comfortable leather-lined handle made of high quality, wear-resistant and durable material, and adjustable shoulder straps.

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3-  The Gustav messenger bag large capacity vintage leather messenger bag

The Gustav Messenger Bag | Large Capacity Vintage Leather Messenger Bag - STEEL HORSE LEATHER, Handmade, Genuine Vintage Leather

The Gustav Messenger is a retro-style shoulder bag that has a large storage capacity for all needs. This bag is sturdy, capable of carrying laptops up to 15 inches wide with total security, along with other items. The removable leather strap and the soft leather handle that is thick and durable, allow  the Gustav Messenger to be transported with total comfort as a briefcase or on the shoulder and the buckles allow a secure adjustment of the main flap while providing easy access To belongings. On the outside it has two side pockets and comes inside with two central compartments, with two additional pockets. This shoulder bag has a very elegant look and is extremely functional, allowing you to carry it with confidence to any occasion, formal or not. This completely handmade leather messenger bag has the comfort and capacity that can be difficult to find in a similar product. Note that this bag is made of a natural material, therefore, each bag is unique with a slightly different color. 

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Undoubtedly, steel horse leather is the best messenger bag supplier for men because they are products made of genuine leather of the highest quality, obtained from the best leather suppliers on the market. All our messenger bags for men are made entirely by hand, made individually by the best artisans in the field, so each bag is unique. The leather we use is treated with special techniques and creams that provide resistance and durability over time. They are also elegant and comfortable, perfect for work, school or any type of occasion whether formal or not. Also the messenger bags have large capacity inside ideal for transporting laptops and other items safely.

These are some of the advantages that makes steel horse leather the best messenger bag supplier for men. 


Because in STEEL HORSE LEATHER we have a wide range of products designed to please the most varied and different tastes of our customers, ranging from the most casual and sporty style to a more formal and elegant style, that's why our products are ideal for any occasion since they adapt and look good in any environment. They are also unique bags, made of genuine leather and of excellent quality, hand made by the best and most skilled artisans in the field. All this makes STEEL HORSE LEATHER bags comfortable and safe, resistant and durable, elegant and sophisticated.

Some manufacturers of competing bags such as: Leather Wallet Manufacturer, only manufactures handbags for ladies and not for men, they are not handmade, they do not have a large storage capacity for all needs.

Clava Leather Bags & Accessories: make bags, purses and other leather accessories. It does not manufacture exclusive leather bags for men, the leather used is not of sufficient quality, strength and durability

Unlike Steel Horse Leather leather bags, they meet all the above requirements and many more, to the satisfaction of our customers. 

That's why choosing STEEL HORSE LEATHER men's leather bags

Is the best option.





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