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Men's Leather Briefcases

Men's Leather Briefcases

Men's Leather Briefcases for the Traveling Businessman

Men's Leather Briefcases for the Traveling Businessman

Men’s leather briefcases are a great way to protect your laptop and other important items while you travel. Whether you need a small, medium, or large size case, there is an option for you. These cases come in different colors and styles. They also have a variety of padded laptop pockets and compartments to keep all your belongings organized.

For men, a short leather bag doesn't necessarily mean less attractive. This makes it easier to carry around, but it also limits their options when it comes to storage space. A longer leather bag will give you more room to store things like books, magazines, and other items.

If you're looking for something sleek and stylish briefcase, then consider a classic black briefcase. Black leather is timeless and versatile — perfect for any occasion. You'll find many models available from brands. And if you want something extra special, you may even be able to customize one yourself by choosing a custom-made lining.

Here is some often question to ask:

Why Men's Leather Briefcases Are Something Special

The main reason why men's leather briefcases are something special is that they provide a lot of benefits. For starters, these bags are durable. Made with top-quality materials like full-grain leather that ensure durability. The best part about this type of luggage is that they are very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe off the dirt and dust using a soft cloth. It won't take long before you see how well they work.

Another thing that sets these bags apart is that they are extremely comfortable. Unlike most other types of luggage, these ones don't make you feel uncomfortable because of the hard plastic handles. Instead, you get a smooth Italian leather handle that feels nice on your hand. This means that you can use them for hours without feeling tired or sore.

These bags are also very functional. If you're planning to go out for business meetings or conferences, then you should definitely invest in a leather goods briefcase. With a few simple adjustments, you can transform it into a padded laptop sleeve. That way, you can bring along your laptop and still look professional.

These bags are also practical. When you're traveling, you might not always know what kind of weather you'll encounter. But with an expandable briefcase, you can pack whatever you need. No matter where you end up going, you'll always have everything you need.

How to Maintain Men's Leather Briefcases

It rides with you to work, it carries your laptop, books, pens, and chargers your briefcase is your trusted companion in the daily rise and grind. And it's been exposed to its fair share of raindrops, spills, and dirty floors. Make sure you properly condition and clean men’s leather briefcases to wipe away the grit, but keep the rugged exterior. Here's how:

Wipe down the outside of your briefcase with a damp microfiber cloth. Use a dry cloth to remove excess water. Then use a mild soap solution to clean the inside of your expandable briefcase. Use a soft brush to gently scrub the leather. Be careful not to scratch the surface. After cleaning, let the case air dry completely.

Don't forget to check the warranty information before purchasing a leather briefcase. Some manufacturers offer warranties on their products while others don't. Read the fine print carefully. When storing your briefcase, place it flat on a shelf or table. Avoid placing it upright on a high shelf. Doing so could cause damage to the bag.

How to Find Authentic Men's Leather Briefcases

If you want to buy an authentic men's leather briefcase, there are some things you should consider first. First, you must know that there are different kinds of leather used in making these bags, like the popular one called Italian leather. There are two main categories of leather: vegetable-tanned leather and chrome tan leather. Chrome tan is more popular than vegetable-tanned leather. You will find both types of leather at reputable retailers.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the construction. A quality briefcase will be made from top-grain cowhide leather. It's thicker and stronger than regular leather. It's also easier to repair if damaged. Most people prefer this type of leather over regular leather.

The last thing you should consider when buying a leather briefcase is the lining. Look for one that has a soft interior. This makes it easy to carry around items such as laptops. Also, avoid briefcases that have metal rivets. These are usually cheaper versions of genuine leather briefcases. They won't hold up well under heavy use.

All-purpose Men's Leather Briefcases

All-purpose Men's Leather Briefcases

When you want something that looks like a briefcase but doesn't actually contain any compartments, you should consider getting an all-purpose briefcase. An all-purpose briefcase is perfect for carrying documents, books, and other office supplies. In addition, they come in many colors and styles. All-purpose briefcases are great because you can customize them to fit your needs.

You can find all-purpose briefcases online or at department stores. The most common ones include:

Shoulder strap briefcases | Men's Leather Briefcases

These are typically made from black or brown leather. They feature an adjustable shoulder strap
that allows you to wear it across your body. They're ideal for traveling because they fold into a compact shape.

Tote briefcases | Men's Leather Briefcases

A tote briefcase is similar to a backpack. It features a large main compartment for holding papers and notebooks. Totes are available in various sizes. Choose one that fits comfortably in your hand.

Backpack briefcases | Men's Leather Briefcases

A backpack briefcase looks like a backpack. It includes a padded compartment for holding papers and folders. Backpacks come in a variety of colors and designs.

Laptop briefcases | Men's Leather Briefcases

Laptops are becoming increasingly smaller. That means laptop owners need a way to transport their computers without having to lug around a bulky case. Laptop briefcases are perfect for this purpose. A leather laptop briefcase is provide protection for your computer while allowing you to access its contents quickly.

Messenger briefcases | Men's Leather Briefcases

Messenger briefcases are specifically for business trips. They offer ample space for storing files and accessories. Messenger briefcases are from high-quality materials like full grain leather.

You may not always need a full-sized briefcase. If you don't, then you might consider getting a messenger briefcase instead. These are small enough to fit inside your bag or suitcase. They're also lightweight so you'll feel less burdened by them.

If you're looking for a briefcase that meets all of your requirements, then you should check out our selection of men's leather briefcases. We carry handle everything from classic briefcases to modern designs. You'll find everything you need here.

Rolling briefcase | Men's Leather Briefcases

If you plan to travel frequently, choose a rolling briefcase that has wheels. Rolling briefcases are usually more expensive than typical back or front loading satchels. However, the extra money you spend is worth it. As opposed to being limited to just a few options, you'll be able to choose from hundreds of different variations.

This rolling briefcase is nice because it comes with a carrying handle so that you can wheel it around easier. This is a good choice if you are someone who likes to travel a lot. For example, if you work as a consultant, or if you use public transportation regularly.

This is featured by its durable construction. It comes equipped with four strong carrying handles and a durable frame. You don't have to worry about it cracking or breaking down over time. It also offers plenty of storage space. It has a zipper closure which makes it easy to open. And also a pen holder on top so you can keep writing material handy.

Men's Leather Briefcases - Shopping Guide

If you’re looking for a new briefcase, there are plenty of options on the market today. However, choosing the right one can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve compiled some tips to help you make the best choice possible.

1. What type of men’s leather briefcases do you need

There are two main types of briefcases: traditional and all-purpose. Traditional briefcases are generally more durable than all-purpose models. They’re excellent if you plan on using them frequently. On the other hand, all-purpose briefcases are much lighter. They’re better suited to occasional use.

2. How big do your men’s leather briefcases need to be

Most people choose briefcases based on how big they need to be. A larger briefcase will hold more items. This makes sense since you’ll have to carry it around with you. As such, you’ll probably need a bigger briefcase.o

3. Do you prefer a soft men’s leather briefcase or a hard briefcase

The material used to construct a briefcase will affect its durability. Hard cases are usually constructed from plastic or metal. Soft satchels are typically made from full-grain leather or canvas. Leather is naturally resistant to water damage. This makes it an excellent choice for briefcases that will get wet.

4. Which color do you want

The color of your briefcase says a lot about who you are. Black is associated with power and authority. Dark blue is reserved for professionals. Red is a bold statement. White is the most neutral option. Gray is versatile.

5. Is size important

A large briefcase is great for carrying lots of things at once. Smaller briefcases are easier to carry around. However, they won’t hold as many items. It’s up to you which option works best for you.

6. Does style matter

A leather goods briefcase is a reflection of your personality. There are no rules when it comes to designing a briefcase. Some people like minimalist styles while others favor elaborate designs. Whatever suits you best, go for it!

7. Are you willing to pay extra for quality

Briefcases come in different price ranges. The higher the price tag, the higher the quality. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get what you paid for. Check out our reviews before buying a briefcase.

8. What features do you need

You shouldn’t buy a briefcase without considering its features first. For example, you should look into whether or not it has wheels. Wheels allow you to easily move your briefcase from place to place. They’re especially useful if you work outside of your home.

9. Will you use it often

If you don’t plan on carrying your briefcase very often, it might not be worth spending money on a high-quality model. On the other hand…if you’re going to carry your briefcase everywhere you go, then you definitely want a sturdy design.

10. Should you buy online or in-person

Buying a briefcase in person is always the best way to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want. You can also take advantage of sales to save money. Online shopping is convenient, but it’s also risky. It's best to find out first a reliable online shopping site like Steel Horse Leather to buy the perfect leather briefcase for yourself.

Being wise when choosing a briefcase is all about knowing your needs and wants. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new briefcase, now is the time to make a decision. Good luck!

Men's Leather Briefcases vs Messenger Bags

There are many differences between men’s leather briefcases and messenger bags. Both types of bags have their advantages and disadvantages. We often don’t know for sure whether we're right or wrong. Especially when manufacturers use both terms such as "briefcase" and "messenger bag", we may not be sure if we're right or wrong

That’s one reason we will highlight the differences between the two so you know which one is best for you. So that you don't make the wrong call or give off the wrong impression, especially when you're looking for a "serious" briefcase for your job.


A briefcase is a type of bag that dates back to the early 1800s. It was first used by businessmen to carry their papers and documents. They are mainly used by business people to transport important papers and laptops.

If your career or work requires you to carry a briefcase, it’s better to get one that represents professionalism and prosperity. It will usually come in three different colors, mostly black, brown, or tan. Briefcases are usually a lot soberer than fashionable handbags.

Below are some of the distinguishing features of briefcase bags:

Have an organized interior structure

Briefcases tend to have organized padded laptop pockets for all your work gear, including zippered compartments or zipper pockets for all your papers and files.

Has a solid body frame

Briefcases are usually made from strong materials so they don't sag or take the shape of your back when carrying them, but if yours does, you can fix it by adding some weight to it. They are usually more solid although sometimes their exteriors can be padded. It allows it to stand upright on a desk or table without falling over.

Usually held under one hand or worn over one shoulder

Briefcases are best carried with just one arm by the top handles or worn over one shoulder when they have a detachable shoulder strap.

Messenger Bags

The most common type of laptop bag is called a messenger bag because it looks like a small suitcase with a that the briefcase has a handle and can be carried by hand, while the leather laptop bag is designed to be carried over one shoulder.

Messenger bags, unlike briefcases, started around the 1950s. Back then, it was used by bike couriers but is nowadays an iconic fashion item and can be found carried by students, casual office workers, and pretty much anywhere else where one doesn’t need to portray a professional appearance. You can also check our top picks for the most popular men’s messenger bag brands here in Steel Horse Leather.

Below are some of the distinguishing features of messenger bags:

Have different types of construction materials

Messenger bags tend to be made out of different types of materials including nylon, canvas, and leather among others. The materials are also often more water-resistant and durable than conventional backpacks.

Come with a signature front flap

If you see a front flap covering the entire front of the bag, it's probably a messenger bag. A flap usually has multiple pockets underneath it or covers up some of the bags inside in order to improve security and bring comfort to the wearer. It also gives the manufacturer plenty of opportunities to create unique designs for their flaps so they can be recognized by consumers.

Doesn't have a strong foundation

Messenger bags tend to be more versatile than briefcases because they don't have to follow the contours of whatever's inside them. It allows for a more comfortable user experience because you’ll be carrying it over your body. When empty, the bag is floppy and can't stand up by itself. These types of bags weigh less than a briefcase because they don't have any "solid" structures inside them. They're usually made from soft materials.

Worn across the body

Messenger bags usually come with a long adjustable strap that lets you carry the bag across your body comfortably. Ergonomic detachable shoulder straps are usually made from thick materials and often come with shoulder pads to distribute weight evenly across your shoulders. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tall, short, or somewhere in between, just adjust and you're all set.

Less structured interior

You won't find as many interior sleeves or dedicated pockets inside a messenger bag as you would in a business suit. Some people may choose to use a briefcase instead of a bag because they want to carry their laptop in a special compartment. However, they won't be able to get the level of convenience that comes from carrying a briefcase.

Come in different styles and colors

Fashionable men’s leather messenger bag designs come in all shapes and sizes. With so many different colors, materials, designs, and styles, you can always find an appropriate messenger bag for your casual lifestyle. Some have even functionally merged briefcases and leather messenger bags into one bag to offer the best of it.

You now know exactly what to look out for when choosing your next briefcase. You can easily tell them apart just by looking at their features, regardless of what names they use for them.

Which one is better

Which is better, the briefcase, or the messenger bag? It depends on what you need it for. It’s definitely not as clear-cut. It really comes down to what you carry, and what you prefer. Leather messenger bags are popular for their universal carry-all design, which makes them suitable for carrying everything. However, the briefcase definitely has a place especially if you‘re mainly carrying slim items such as a laptop, paperwork, or a notebook. If that suits your lifestyle better than a bag, then definitely get one of these nice briefcases. Alternatively, if you often carry irregular-shaped items, a good universal messenger bag may be ideal for you. Because there isn’t a clear winner here, I'll call this one a draw. Both can be great for the exact same purpose. It really depends on personal preferences. The good thing is that you have options.

Men's Leather Briefcases vs Shoulder Bag - Which one is Better?

Men's Leather Briefcases vs Shoulder Bag - Which one is Better?

Both types of bags offer similar benefits. Briefcases are more suitable for business purposes while shoulder bags are more suitable for leisure purposes.

Shoulder bags are usually designed to be worn over your shoulder. They are very convenient because you can carry handle them everywhere. They come in different styles and sizes depending on your needs.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with shoulder bags. For instance, shoulder bags do not provide much space for storage. This means that you cannot store many items in a single shoulder bag.

Another disadvantage of shoulder bags is that they are not as secure as briefcases. Therefore, you may lose your shoulder bag if you leave it unattended. Shoulder bags are usually less expensive than briefcases. However, this does not mean that they are inferior. Here are the differences between them:

Shoulder bags

Most shoulder bags are available at affordable prices. You can get a shoulder bag in any color and design. Shoulder bags can be carried by both men and women.

Most shoulder bags have adjustable straps so that they can be adjusted according to your height and body type. Shoulder bags typically have multiple pockets inside. These pockets are useful for storing small items like keys, coins, and credit cards.

Some shoulder bags have additional features such as a zipper pocket, locks, and clips. These extra features help protect your items from theft.

If you prefer a shoulder bag over a briefcase, then you should consider these factors before making your decision:


The size of your shoulder bag should match your height and body type


Choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain


Choose a design that matches your personality


Consider the features that you require in a shoulder bag


Consider the price of the shoulder bag


Choose a color that matches your outfit


Check how long the manufacturer guarantees the product


Check the quality of the materials used in manufacturing the shoulder bag


Briefcases are better than a shoulder bag because they're more secure. A briefcase has more room than a shoulder bag and can hold more items, but what really makes a briefcase valuable is its durability. It won't leak, collapse or break. A briefcase also protects your laptop and other personal belongings when you need them most.

It's a fact that briefcases are much bigger than a shoulder bag. In terms of capacity, they are capable of carrying more items such as laptops, tablets, phones, pens, pencils, etc. A briefcase can also hold documents and offers room for storing extra papers or folders. On the flip side, a shoulder bag doesn't offer much storage space. It only accommodates a laptop and maybe some other smaller items. It may look stylish but it certainly doesn't give us a lot of space and so we prefer using a briefcase to carry our belongings.

Both types of bags are versatile. However, you need to decide which one will serve your purpose best. The most important factor to consider is the size of the bag. If you are carrying a laptop, then you should choose a briefcase. If you are carrying other items such as books, notebooks, and magazines, then you should choose an ordinary shoulder bag.

What are the Differences Between an Attache Case and a Men's Leather Briefcase

Some people assume that a briefcase and an attache case are the same things. But before we get into the details, let us explain a little bit. They're both considered different entities, but they share some similarities.

Well, you already know what is briefcases, so we'll move on to attache cases now. Attaché cases usually have a slim, narrow design, and are open into two-compartment sections. The French ambassadors and their staff used sleek leather cases to carry their documents. They called them an Attache case.

These cases are ideal for carrying important papers and sleek laptops; they're also practical. If you're planning on buying a case for carrying your laptop, decide between an attaché case and a briefcase. Then you need to figure out what size space you need. The briefcases offer less space than an attached case but more space than a backpack. Below are the major differences between an attache case and a briefcase.

Uses of Briefcases

The Briefcases has been used by the corporate world since its inception. Here are some uses of the Briefcases.

A convenient way to carry office essentials. These can be carried with the handles on the tops, and nowadays they're also attached to a shoulder bag. Briefcases have become extremely effective for carrying.

A briefcase has only one compartment that it opens into, but it can be expanded by adding additional compartments. This compartment has been divided into sections with zip closures and layers. You can store your laptop, files, keys, etc. in an independent area.

Trendy briefcases are always a good idea for the business world. The black and steel cases are simple and can be easily spotted. The leather briefcases are the most eye-catching item in the collection. These leather briefcases are perfect for any occasion and suit any color and outfit. They also enhance the overall corporate appearance.

Uses of Attache Cases

A two-way compartment design helps keep things organized. Here are some points when an attaché case is useful.

Attaché cases are a good way to stand out from the crowd. You'll be able to impress others with your stylish accessories. Only VIP access is prioritized with the essential elements factor. The smaller sleek design makes sure that only the most important documents are secured in your bag. It makes people feel important and kind of special.

Easier to use than most. The attaché case stores less than the briefcase, so you're at an advantage when it comes to efficient storage. You only carry the most important things in it, so you won't lose anything when you throw out the rest. Goes well with any type of person, whether you're going to dress casually or wear a business suit. Attaché cases, especially the leather ones, go well with every type of outfit.

Here Are Some of the Best Features of Attache Cases & Men's Leather Briefcases

Here Are Some of the Best Features of Attache Cases & Men's Leather Briefcases

Apart from being the classic deal for men, attach cases and briefcases have several other features that make them the best bags for men. Here's a quick overview of these.

The Golden Cases

The leather briefcase and the leather attache case are considered the ‘golden cases’. Briefcases and attachés have been around for hundreds of years. They were used in ancient times to carry important documents and are still used for that purpose today. They've aged well with their traditional leather making combined with modern design. Old is gold, so these bags are considered to contain the old roots but they're still precious and persistent.

Storage and Storing

These cases provide a lot of space for storing work essentials. They're great for storing things like laptops, tablets, and phones. There are additional storage spaces for keeping different types of items in separate locations. It not only saves a lot time but also keeps everything in its designated place, which is great for neat freaks.

Transported Well

Leather briefcases and attache cases can be used every day without any hassle. Nowadays, these typically come with handles, but they're often equipped with shoulder straps that make them look like leather messenger bags.

Which one is Better? A Men's Leather Briefcase or an Attaché Case.

Both the Attache Case and Briefcases have their charms. It depends on each person, depending on their needs. Which one suits you better? We’ll discuss which one suits you best.


Leather briefcases are wider and have more room than an attached case. If you're carrying a lot of stuff, then the briefcase is an appropriate option for you. They also have compartments and zip-up pockets for storing wires, laptops, and files. If you need to bring less stuff, then a leather attache case is the best choice for you.

A neat freak

An attache case opens up on two sides but has a single compartment that is shared by everything. You need to keep everything in one place. A briefcase opens up into one large compartment, which is then subdivided into smaller compartments. You can store your necessities according to their types in different locations.

Fashion Statement

There are no questions asked about the fashion sense of the leather briefcases and the leather attache cases. But hands down, an elegant leather briefcase wins in the battle of making a style statement. Both the bags go well with any outfit, but a briefcase draws more attention than an attaché case.

Boarding & Lodging

If you're planning to travel for a few days, you can carry a leather briefcase that can hold your clothes and other necessities for the duration of your stay. The number of compart­ments that are available in a leather briefcase helps in effectively keeping things in neat forms. They're easy to carry and can fit into the overhead bin in an airplane. The attached case being too small to carry anything else but your laptop, cannot be used for travel purposes.


Buying a leather briefcase is a great investment. It's durable, stylish, and versatile. It can serve as a laptop bag, messenger bag, and of course a briefcase. Whatever you choose to do with it, make sure you take good care of it. Keep it clean and free of dust. Store it somewhere safe. Don't leave it lying around. If you follow these tips, you'll enjoy using your leather briefcase for many years to come.

It all comes down to personal preference. Both the leather briefcase and the other bags are suitable for most people. However, if you want a bag that will last longer, then a leather briefcase is the way to go. It's durable and long-lasting. So, it's a wise decision to choose a leather briefcase. And, if you don't know what kind of luggage you should buy, then we recommend you to read our guide on choosing luggage.


What is a Men's Leather Briefcase?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a briefcase is "a flat, flexible case for carrying papers." Briefcases traditionally have handles, as well. We need our briefcases to be able to hold more than they used to. We need briefcases for carrying our laptops, smartphones, tablets, personal stuff, and books and files. And they need to be able to do it with style too.

Why did it call a briefcase?

Turns out, the name "briefcase" comes from the fact that lawyers often use them to carry their legal briefs to court with them.

Who should have a briefcase?

As long as it doesn't infringe on someone else's rights, anyone can carry a bag. However, those who work at companies where business suits are required will find that a leather briefcase is the best choice for them. If you're expected to wear an expensive suit every day, a briefcase, shoulder bag, cross-body messenger bag, or backpack won't wrinkle that thing of perfection. Everyone wants that. It may not be the most practical choice for carrying all-day items like lunch or workout clothes, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. It’s especially useful if you want to boost your confidence before going into a meeting. Besides, backpacks don't go well with fancy suits.

What features do attache cases have?

Most attache cases feature flap pockets on the inside, a holder for business cards, and a pen holder – but many modern attaches have additional features aside from the basics.

What is the difference between a laptop bag and a briefcase?

Laptop compatible: It’s a matter of opinion whether a laptop-compatible briefcase is actually a briefcase or just a laptop bag that wants to be a briefcase.

What are the benefits of travel briefcases?

The travel briefcase: For the businessman on the go, travel briefcases offer all of the features usually found in a regular briefcase but are built for the abuse taken by an average piece of luggage.

What are the features of a travel briefcase?

They also feature extendable handles and rollers.

What color briefcase should I get?

Get a variety of different colored briefcases based on the buyer's personal preferences, although brown, black, and tan are usually the most common colors for briefcases.

Are briefcases better than backpacks?

Briefcases are better than backpacks in being more formal and using better material. However, backpacks are better at distributing weight, being cheaper, and carrying more weight than a briefcase.

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