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Handmade Genuine Leather Bags vs. PU Leather Products

Handmade Genuine Leather Bags vs. PU Leather Products

Handmade Genuine Leather Bags vs. PU Leather Products


Genuine Leather is completely natural, since it comes from the skin of animals mainly from cattle. It is comfortable, durable, resistant and never goes out of style. It also has an elegant and attractive appearance that is accentuated over time. Each Genuine Leather product is unique due to its manufacturing process and the fact that they are made entirely of natural material, therefore, each product tends to take a slightly different color. If you do regular maintenance, an Genuine Leather item can last for many years, so you can enjoy it and use it for much longer.

On the other hand, Pu Leather is made of a synthetic or artificial material called polyurethane, it is not as durable and resistant as Genuine Leather and tends to tear more easily. Unlike Genuine Leather, PU Leather is not so breathable. While Genuine Leather tends to be more attractive and softer over time, this does not happen with PU Leather, which will maintain a uniform appearance and feel throughout its life. In general, the shelf life of the synthetic leather product is one third of the real leather product.

However, there will always be a great difference in quality between genuine or real leather and synthetic or artificial leather.


What is genuine leather?


Genuine leather is a 100% natural material, it is made from the skin of animals, usually from cows (cowhide), which must be tanned to prevent its decomposition and turn it into usable leather. This process is done in a tannery. There are several types of tanning techniques, chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are the most popular.

Chrome tanning is generally considered the most efficient method and uses chromium sulfate, a chemical material to make leather more durable and resistant.

The final product obtained can be a soft, hard or suede leather, depending on the use to which it will be destined.


What is PU leather?


PU leather is a type of man-made synthetic or artificial leather, made with a polymer substance similar to leather made of polyurethane, a type of plastic created to have the same appearance and texture as leather.

These types of synthetic leathers imitate the texture, color and shine of natural leather, and may have different finishes. In appearance, it may seem very similar to real leather. But in most cases it is a bit thinner than this one.

PU leather is manufactured by applying a 100% polyurethane surface to a base material. The most common base materials used in the manufacture of this type of leather include nylon, cotton, polyester or rayon. PU leather can never exceed the quality of Genuine Leather.



The main quality of genuine leather is its unsurpassed quality. Genuine leather is a natural material, so products made with this type of leather are of excellent quality. Due to their manufacturing process they are unique items, since they are made entirely of natural material and each product ends up made with a slightly different color. Genuine leather is ideal for any occasion as it adapts and looks good in any environment. Genuine leather is comfortable and secure, strong and durable, elegant and sophisticated. Genuine leather never goes out of style and acquires an attractive appearance over time.

These aspects among others make genuine leather the best option when choosing a product made of leather.


PROS & CONS: Genuine Leather VS. PU Leather

 1. Material

      Handmade Genuine Leather Products: 

      It is 100% natural therefore it is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. It is an ecological product.


      PU Leather Products:

It is synthetic and is not biodegradable, its decomposition can last hundreds of years, therefore it contributes to environmental pollution.

 2. Durability

     Handmade Genuine Leather Products:

    Genuine leather can last a long time if given proper care. You can easily survive its original owner.


      PU Leather Products:

     Not as durable as genuine leather, the shelf life of the synthetic leather product is one-third of the real leather product.


3. Attractiveness

    Handmade Genuine Leather Products:

    Genuine leather tends to be more attractive and softer over time, acquiring a unique beauty and elegance.

   PU Leather Products:

4. Resistance

    Handmade Genuine Leather Products:

    Genuine Leather, being a natural material, is strong and resistant, difficult to tear or pierce.


    PU Leather Products:

    PU leather is thinner than Genuine Leather, therefore, tends to tear and break more easily.

5. Comfort

    Handmade Genuine Leather Products:

    Being a natural material, Genuine Leather has pores, therefore it is breathable. Real leather will soften over time becoming flexible and generally quite malleable.

      PU Leather Products:

     The imitation leather, on the other hand, tends to be quite stiff and will not soften over time. Because it is a synthetic material and has no pores as Genuine Leather is not breathable.



When buying leather products you have to consider some aspects:

There are different types of leather:

-Genuine or natural leather.

- Synthetic or artificial PU leather.


Before deciding what type of leather you want:

Research and learn about its characteristics and properties, durability, resistance, comfort, attractiveness, elegance, among others. Knowing its characteristics and properties is very important as this will save you time, money and headaches. In this way you will not regret the decision.

It all depends if you want to make an investment in a product that lasts many, many years, or an investment that lasts for a short time and you have to waste your money renewing that product. As the saying goes Őč Cheap Cheap Sale ŐŹ

Genuine leather meets all the characteristics and properties mentioned above.



In Steel Horse Leather we are dedicated to the manufacture of handmade genuine leather products, made by professional artisans skilled in the art.

 We also have great care in obtaining genuine, legitimate and authentic leather of the highest quality and the best origin because we have a passion for leather and our customers deserve only the best.

One of our principles is to ensure that our clientele has the security and confidence of knowing that the products they acquire are of unquestionable origin and of excellent quality.

That is why at Steel Horse Leather, our purpose is to offer our customers unique, durable, genuine leather products of different styles and sizes, which are resistant, elegant and very useful. For their excellent quality they will always be an ideal and reliable companion during their trips or daily activities.

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