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High-Quality Leather Messenger Bags with Genuine Leather Straps

High-Quality Leather Messenger Bags with Genuine Leather Straps

High-Quality Leather Messenger Bags with Genuine Leather Straps

The steel horse leather messenger leather bags are of excellent quality, resistant and durable, comfortable and elegant, of different sizes and styles, which suits all tastes, personality, and needs.

It is the perfect companion for easy and safe transportation of laptops, books and other everyday items. 

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There are many companies that are engaged in the manufacture of messenger bags and other products; They employ various types of synthetic and natural materials. Among the synthetic materials we find, PU leather, nylon, polyester, which are the most used and among the most used natural materials we have the leather of different animals, such as: cows, horses, sheep, goats, among others.

Fairly, Tannino, Vanessa Brig Ltd, are some shops where you can buy leather messenger bags, however, most of the products they manufacture are nylon, polyester and synthetic polyurethane leather or PU leather, therefore, they are not Genuine leather items. Its production is not handmade, it is mechanized to produce more in less time, that is, they are not individually handmade, which decreases its quality.

Steel Horse Leather is the best supplier of leather messenger bags on the market because we are passionately dedicated to the manufacture of bags, made of 100% genuine leather, legitimate and of the highest quality, obtained from the best suppliers in the field. Our leather handbags are unique, since each one is handcrafted individually by highly skilled artisans and experts in the area. The leather we use in our products is treated with special techniques and waxes that provide it, strength and durability, and at the same time give it an elegant and sophisticated look, which fits well with any environment and occasion.

In addition, we have a wide variety of excellent quality leather messenger bags, for every taste and for every particular need.

Note that all bags are made of a natural material, therefore, each bag is unique with a slightly different color. 




Aspects to Consider When Choosing Your Messenger Bag

Genuine Leather Messenger Bags Steel Horse Leather

Nylon Messenger Bags - Polyester

Polyurethane or PU Leather Messenger Bags

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Genuine leather can last a long time if given proper care. You can easily survive its original owner. Genuine Leather, being a natural material, is strong and resistant, difficult to tear or pierce and is also fire resistant.

Its durability and resistance are few compared to genuine leather, since they last three times less than this and in the case of sharp or sharp objects it tends to break and tear easily.

Not as durable as genuine leather, the shelf life of the synthetic leather product is one third of the real leather product.

As for resistance, PU leather is thinner than Genuine Leather, therefore it tends to tear and break more easily.




Genuine Leather Being a natural material has pores therefore it is breathable. Real leather will soften over time becoming flexible and generally quite malleable. Genuine leather tends to be more attractive and softer over time, acquiring a unique beauty and elegance.

It has no pores therefore it is not breathable. Its appearance does not change over time. But unlike genuine leather, nylon or polyester products are losing their original appeal.

Because it is a synthetic material and has no pores as Genuine Leather is not breathable. The imitation leather, on the other hand, tends to be quite stiff and will not soften over time. It will maintain a uniform appearance and feel throughout its useful life. Over time it loses its original appeal.

Ecological Material

It is of 100% natural origin therefore it is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. It is an ecological product.

It is a petroleum derivative therefore it is of synthetic origin and is not biodegradable, therefore it causes deep damage to the environment.

It is synthetic and not biodegradable, its decomposition can last hundreds of years, therefore it contributes to environmental pollution.

Production Mode and Quality

All our products are handmade. Handmade individually with Genuine Leather of the highest quality, taking care of those small details to guarantee our customers a unique and excellent quality product.

Its production is serial, mechanized and industrialized. Therefore more items are produced in less time, which in the end represents a significant decrease in product quality.

The way of production is in mass, that is to say, they produce large quantities of articles by means of industrial machinery spending less time. Therefore its quality is inferior to articles made of genuine leather.



Gustav's messenger bag | Large capacity vintage leather shoulder bag

                        The Gustav Messenger Bag | Large Capacity Vintage Leather Messenger Bag - STEEL HORSE LEATHER, Handmade, Genuine Vintage Leather

The Gustav Messenger is the best option to travel, it is a retro-style shoulder bag that has a large storage capacity for all needs. This bag is sturdy, capable of transporting your personal items and laptops up to 15 inches wide with total security. The removable leather strap and the soft and durable leather handle allow the Gustav Messenger to be transported with total comfort as a briefcase or on the shoulder and the buckles allow a secure adjustment of the main flap while providing easy access to the belongings . This shoulder bag has a very elegant look and is extremely functional, allowing you to carry it with confidence to any occasion, formal or not. This completely handmade leather messenger bag has the comfort and capacity that can be difficult to find in a similar product. Note that this bag is made of a natural material, therefore, each bag is unique with a slightly different color. 


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The Welch Briefcase | Vintage leather shoulder bag

                            The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Leather Messenger Bag - STEEL HORSE LEATHER, Handmade, Genuine Vintage Leather

Welch Briefcase is the ideal companion for your trips, it has capacity for all storage needs, with a mature style, it is a perfect combination of shoulder bag and briefcase, which provides comfort to the user. This bag is sturdy, capable of safely transporting personal items, books and laptops up to 14 inches, it is made of high quality leather. This briefcase, is highly functional, is elegant in appearance that seems to belong to any environment; allowing the owner to take it with confidence to any occasion, formal or not. It comes with a handle lined in wear-resistant leather and adjustable shoulder straps.


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