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Are you looking for a leather shop that can provide you with the perfect leather products? If so, then this blog is for you! On this blog, you'll be able to learn about the different types of leather and their properties, as well as learn about the characteristics of various leather shops. In addition, this blog will also teach you how to get to know leather shops and what to look for when shopping for leather products. So go ahead and take your time browsing through the pages of our website - you're sure to find the perfect leather shop for your needs!

Getting To Know Leather Shops

Leather goods are a popular choice for fashion-savvy people everywhere, and for good reason. Not only are they durable and stylish, but leather shops also carry a wide variety of leather goods - from wallets to belts to jackets to duffle bags. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right size or color, so don't hesitate to ask the staff members for help! Additionally, be sure to ask about their return policy before making a purchase, as some items cannot be returned. If you're looking for nice travel or a backpack, a leather shop is a great place to go. Not to mention, the staff members are always happy to help you find the perfect piece of clothing for your unique style.

Types of leather and their properties

Leather is an amazing material that has many uses. Its characteristics and different types make it perfect for a variety of products and applications. Professionals often choose a specific type of leather for their products due to its unique properties and performance requirements. Different types of leather have different characteristics that make them perfect for certain applications. For example, cowhide leather is perfect for products that need to be water-resistant, whereas snakeskin leather is best suited for products that need to be tough and durable. Additionally, characteristics such as water resistance, color retention, and strength are important to consider when selecting a leather product. So, if you're looking to purchase a new leather item from any leather shop, research different types of leather to find the perfect one for your needs.

There are three types of leather. Real leather that is. They are full grain leather, top-grain leather, and genuine leather. Each has different qualities. Real leather has the highest among the three. Next is top-grain and then genuine leather.

These three types of leather are made of animal skin or leather hide. The animal skin or leather hide goes through a long process of change. They are skinned, tanned, and finally cured to create the leather we all know and love. This process will either take a long time or a short time to finish. Depending on the leather-making method. Different methods also produce different types of leather. These methods may involve sanding, splitting, or buffing the leather hide. Another is to assemble different leather hide scraps to make one whole fabric.

It is also important to distinguish real leather types from fake leather. Also known as faux leather, this "leather" is not made of real animal skin. On the contrary, they are a product of synthetic materials that imitate how real leather looks and feels. Thus they are fake. Even more so, we do not consider faux or fake leather as leather at all. An example of fake leather is PU leather. It is created from polyurethane, a plastic with a similar feel and aspect to real leather.

Full Grain Leather

What is full-grain leather? Full-grain leather is basically, animal skin that is cleaned, tanned, and cured as is. "As is" means that the animal skin is left untouched and its natural grain remains intact. Full-grain leather has the highest quality of all leather. It is stronger and more durable in comparison to top grain leather because of the natural grain. The natural grain contains most of the strong fibers that keep the leather strong and durable. In other words full-grain leather is tough. Its toughness however has its downside since it becomes harder to work with. Manufacturing full-grain leather requires more costs and manpower, which is one of the reasons why it is expensive.

Another interesting thing that full-grain uniquely possesses is the patina. Patina develops only for full-grain leather. It develops along the natural grain of the leather. It does however require time to age the leather into its beautiful vintage look.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is the lowest quality leather among the three. Its strength is significantly inferior to the top-grain and full-grain. It is still however very tough and durable but not as breathable in comparison to the full-grain. Genuine leather's price is also significantly lower. It also has the least demand among leather.

Genuine leather comes from the remains after the top layer is split off to make top-grain and full-grain leather. Splitting leather is often necessary especially if the leather hide is too thick to work with. Likewise, when it has too many imperfections manufacturers can not turn it into full-grain leather before sending it to any leather shop.

The remaining leather goes through the tanning process just like top-grain and full-grain. Genuine leather however does not have a natural skin finish. Most of the time manufacturers use chemicals to give genuine leather a look similar to top grain leather. They use a combination of artificial grains, spray painting, and pattern embossing to imitate the top grain surface.

PU Leather + Vegan Leather Backpacks

If there is real leather then there is also fake leather. This fake leather is an imitation of real organic leather. Unlike real leather, they are synthetic and not organic. Another name for fake leather is faux leather. Likewise, many people call fake leather vegan leather. Vegan because it is leather that does not involve harming any animals nor does it involve using any animal skin. PU Leather is commonly used in items such as a purse, handbags, or totes.

We commonly know two types of fake or vegan leather. These are PU Leather and PVC Leather. Both are made with synthetic materials. Accordingly, PU leather is polyurethane while PVC leather is from polyvinyl plastic.

If you value quality, it is wise to avoid any synthetic leather or vegan leather. They are significantly inferior to real leather. Inferior even in comparison to the lowest quality real leather. They are not as strong as real leather. Making them unfit to carry heavy loads. Fake or vegan leather is also not as durable as real leather. They easily crack and peel off especially for PU leather since it is made of thin materials.

While they look like real leather and may feel like real leather, they are nowhere as great as real leather. Especially for leather backpacks. Leather backpacks are supposed to carry many things. They are also meant for various activities, indoors or outdoors. Thus the activities frequently expose leather backpacks to different elements. Elements that will harm them. A backpack should not easily be a victim of wear and tear. Especially leather backpacks. While they are indeed a cheaper alternative, they are not good investments.

Benefits of Buying Real Leather

What are the benefits of buying real leather? And most importantly should you buy real leather? The answer is definitely a yes. Real leather is strong and beautiful. It is a proven fact that its quality is far superior to its synthetic imitations. Likewise, real leather is very durable in comparison to fake leather. While both are vulnerable to the elements, real leather does not crack and peel off as easily as fake leather.

While they may look the same and feel the same, through daily use, you will notice very significant differences. However, because of the advancements in our technology, manufacturers have been making imitations as real as possible. It has reached the point that it has become a difficult task to tell them apart. This is very true, especially for those who know nothing about leather or aren't familiar with leather shops.

It does not take an expert to tell good quality leather from a bad one. At most times it is as easy as checking the label and the price. Manufacturers often label their products with what kind of leather it is made from. Likewise, it is apparent for good quality leather costs more. These tips however are not very dependable. To get a conclusive answer in telling the quality of the leather you must have to get intimate with it. Use your senses to discern good quality from bad. Look at it. Feel it. Take a whiff at it.

What to look for when shopping in a leather shop

 Leather Shop

Leather is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways. When shopping for leather products, be sure to take into account the following factors:

  • Test the leather before making your purchase - this will help ensure you're getting a quality product.
  • Be careful not to purchase fake or lesser quality leather, as this will result in poor durability.
  • Make sure the leather is high quality and untanned.
  • Look for a manufacturer that uses sustainable practices when producing its products.

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to find the perfect leather product for your needs.

Our Leather Shop: Steel Horse Leather & Co.

Steel Horse Leather strives to give our customers long-lasting leather bags that will be a dependable companion on their journeys. People's obsession with leather appreciation is as old as time itself. There's a reason why leather seems to be in style all the time. Simply said, leather is long-lasting, comfy, and has a classic appearance that has endured the test of time. A real handcrafted leather bag put together with immaculate precision should be the textbook definition of the phrase "subtle grace." The pursuit of timeless design in our leather bags is an effortless endeavor here at our leather shop; when we make our vintage leather bags, we only use traditional methods, but what gives our leather bags their authenticity is the touch of skillful mastery that comes from long years spent perfecting a craft. Our skilled artisans have committed their lives to their work and are enthusiastic about what they perceive to be their 'art.' Graceful beauty is second nature to them.

We also feel that our consumers have a right to know the history of the leather used in their bags. One of our top concerns was to provide our consumers peace of mind that the things they were about to spend their money on were not of doubtful provenance. We've taken a comprehensive approach to trace the origins and processing of our leather. We have examined various raw leather suppliers in terms of their experience, work philosophy, sourcing and tanning processes, and even their overall attitude on ethical behavior. We have gone to great lengths to obtain genuine leather of the greatest quality since we have an obsessive passion for leather ourselves and believe that our consumers deserve nothing less.

Vintage Leather Backpacks | Leather Shop

Are you looking for a vintage leather backpack? Steel Horse Leather, has the best vintage leather backpacks, which combine the natural beauty of handmade leather with the ruggedness of the vintage leather look. This results in an elegant, timeless style for your leather backpack. Our bags compliment formal or informal wear and make great companions on weekend getaways or long journeys. Our vintage leather bags have ample storage and can accommodate laptops and other devices, as well as other everyday items, all securely fastened with our handmade leather covers and metal buckles.

The Hagen Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

Handmade Leather Backpacks

The vintage leather of these bags and backpacks is soft to the touch but extremely durable and weather resistant. The design of the shoulder straps fits comfortably, all the straps are genuine leather, as well as the outer pockets are attached to the main section. They are individually crafted by hand to meet your daily needs, they are multifunctional backpacks, made of high-quality handmade vintage leather. Functionality and durability combine with elegance and comfort. You can take it to school, work, or outdoor travel. Note that as this bag is made of a natural material, therefore, each bag is unique with a slightly different color.

 Leather Shop
The Gosta Backpack | Handmade Vintage Leather

Handmade Leather Duffel Bags | Leather Shop

Our Handmade Leather Duffel bags look sophisticated and always stand out always attracting attention. The attention to detail and quality from stitching to leather choice always makes for an elegant leather duffle bag that is timeless in appearance. Our Handmade Leather Duffel bags are durable and resistant, ideal for safely carrying your valuable items. All of our bags have both interior and exterior pockets, carefully designed for the storage of your everyday clothes and other accessories.

The Bard Weekender | Handmade Leather Duffle Bag

Handmade Leather Weekender Bags

Most of our leather bags have a compartment to store a laptop and a large main section. Our leather duffle bags are equipped with soft leather handles and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that ensure comfort during transport. Our handmade leather duffle bags will always be reliable for any short trip weekend trip or longer journey. They allow items to be placed in a comfortable, compact, and safe way, so you can access them easily and quickly whenever you want. They are versatile bags that can be carried at any time and on any occasion.

 Leather Shop
The Colden Duffle Bag | Large Capacity Leather Weekender

Vintage Leather Messenger Bags for Men | Leather Shop

Our Vintage Leather Messenger Bags for men are designed to transport items easily and safely, with their elegant arrangement of spacious interior compartments. The handmade leather messenger bags make ideal companions for all your work-related needs. Our Leather Messenger Bags have a large storage capacity and easily switch from shoulder bag to leather briefcase.

The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Men's Leather Messenger Bags

These bags are sturdy, made of high-quality full-grain leather, and are capable of safely carrying books and laptops up to 15 inches, as well as any other item. Our handmade Vintage Men's Leather Messenger Bags are made of high-quality leather, which guarantees a reliable and durable product, with a natural color that develops over time.

 Leather Shop
The Gustav Messenger Bag | Large Capacity Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Handmade Leather Tote Bags | Leather Shop

Our Handmade Leather Tote Bags are made entirely by hand by the best leather artisans. They are durable, comfortable, and elegant. Steel horse leather bags are made with genuine leather of excellent quality, obtained from the best and most reliable leather suppliers on the market. Our Handmade Leather Tote Bags come with a large main compartment, with a large storage capacity. It is the perfect companion for easy and safe transportation of laptops, books, and other everyday items. They are a perfect grab-and-go solution.

The Taavi Tote | Handcrafted Leather Tote Bag

Genuine Leather Tote Handbags

Ergonomically designed straps distribute the weight evenly, giving the user comfort while carrying. Our products are treated with a special wax, which is highly resistant to water and other liquids. It protects the fibers of the leather better than other substances used in common leather goods. Keep in mind that since these bags are made of a natural material, each bag has a slightly different color, which makes each product look unique. You are guaranteed to love our Genuine Leather Tote Handbags.

Vintage Leather Camera Bags | Leather Shop

For photographers, a leather camera bag is an indispensable accessory that can either make or break a photo shoot. To help you choose a leather camera bag that's just right for your needs, we've created the most stylish, durable, and functional leather camera bags we could think of. From workhorse bags that can carry all your lenses and accessories to sleek, sophisticated pouches that hold just the basics, there's a leather bag here at our leather shop for every occasion and camera.

 Leather Shop
The Calista | Small Leather Camera Bag - Leather Camera Lens Case

Leather Camera Backpacks

If you are looking to make a classy style statement or have a real appreciation for natural materials, using a leather camera backpack is the way to go. They are also extremely durable, and can usually last your entire lifetime. Plus, they are the perfect protection for your gear. Steel Horse Leather Co. leather shop offers handmade leather camera backpacks that are affordable and constructed from the finest materials. These are the ultimate in both form and function. Instead of the usual synthetic materials, you can enjoy the softness and warmth of real leather while you are out on the open road or walking down the street.

The Gaetano | Large Leather Backpack Camera Bag with Tripod Holder

Conclusion | Leather Shop

Leather is a material that is often associated with luxury and sophistication. However, not all leather is created equal. In this blog, we have provided you with essential information about different types of leather and their properties. Additionally, we have provided tips on how to shop for leather products, so that you can make the best choices for your needs. So why not give our leather shop a try this weekend? You won't regret it!


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Is leather good?

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What is the history of leather tanning?

A Centuries-Old Trade Florence and its region have held a reputation for quality leather production for hundreds of years.

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