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Leather Bag Corporate Gifts

Leather Bag Corporate Gifts

Leather Bags Corporate Gifts
We promise that your leather bag corporate gifts will represent your unique personality and sense of style. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your personalized leather bag business.

Because our high-quality leather bag corporate gifts are built to last, they are fantastic leather bags corporate presents. Your client, customer, or employee will retain the merchandise for a long period, putting you at the forefront of their minds. Don't purchase them a one-season-only print-on-demand fleece pullover; instead, get them something that will remind them of how much you cherish the connection for years to come.

We understand the value of leather bags, leather backpacks, messenger bags, bespoke leather handbags, and a wide range of other leather bags that are both functional and stylish, from women's leather bags to men's leather bags. Our platform for designing your own leather bags allows you to work with us from the start to develop a style and functionality that fits all of your expectations and sensitivities. We promise that your personalized leather bags will represent your unique personality and sense of style. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your personalized leather bag business.

We provide a wide range of leather bag corporate gifts, from fabric types and patterns to details, colors, and any form or size you choose. Leather bags corporate gifts have an endless design capacity and can be tailored to your personality and lifestyle, just like any customized clothing or gear can, so why limit yourself to leather bags? As a consequence, we advise you to make only one request and leave the rest to us.

Why Leather Bags Corporate Gifts?

Our goal is for you to become the most respected and esteemed gift-giver in your company's history. That your executives and clients personally thank you and sing your praises for the high-quality leather corporate gifts you selected. We are flattered that you are considering us to assist you in your achievement.

We will assist you in looking nice for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility - We have quick lead times, cheap minimum quantities, and can speed last-minute orders all year because we own our plant approximately two hours away.
  • On-Time Delivery - Because we conduct in-house customizing, retain a large inventory, and our manufacturer is so local, you may receive your presents in a matter of hours rather than months.
  • Excessive Value - Because we do not sell wholesale to retailers and corporate giving representatives, you may receive double the quality for the same price or half the quality for half the price.
  • Originality - Defy the generic. Because we design and produce them ourselves, every of our leather items are unique corporate presents. Let's discuss about bespoke work if you require it.

Choosing Steel Horse Leather for your Leather Bag Corporate Gifts

Give your loved ones a world-class present. Receiving a premium leather item produced for you using the best materials in the world will make your friends and family feel loved and appreciated. It's not every day that you get something as beautiful as leather. We have a reputation for the high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail that we put into each product, in addition to being a firm recognized for its leather items. Our bags are produced with just the finest materials and manufactured using only the finest skills.

Furthermore, Steel Horse Leather creates high-quality leather presents. All of our leather presents are handcrafted and unique to you. We personalize all of our personalized leather bags to make them one-of-a-kind. In fact, we have a wide range of leather alternatives for you to choose from. Personalize your leather items by adding personalized logos or initials to make them one-of-a-kind. You may also select from a variety of exquisite monogramming alternatives.

Our items are competitively priced, and we are happy to help you with any pricing issues or custom needs. You can reach us at or use the special order form below. Similarly, our helpful customer support specialists will respond as quickly as possible. If you need help with any leather-related gift-giving, our bespoke gifts specialists are ready to help. They will assist you in creating one-of-a-kind and personalized genuine leather presents for your friends and family that are appropriate for any occasion.

Story, Longevity, Satisfaction

Going through our tailored experience will produce something genuinely one-of-a-kind, a story you'll tell for years to come. It will be a conversation starter, maybe a family heirloom, and something you will cherish for a long time. It's quite rewarding to witness a concept come to life and reap the rewards of your efforts. You're genuinely creating a work of art. Customers have expressed their delight with our bags, and you may be tempted to do the same.

The MANN Bag | Large Capacity Leather Camera Backpack

Looking For The Best Leather Bag Corporate Gifts

If you look at our collection of bespoke leather bags corporate gifts, you'll see that there are a lot of alternatives. When selecting a leather duffel bag, there are more aspects to consider than when selecting a technical travel bag. When you consider the cost and lifespan of leather things, it's more crucial than ever. This article on how to choose the best duffel bag can assist you in your search. There is a lot to think about, from the fabric and style to your budget and how you will use it.

Featured Products

Messenger bags, briefcases, tote bags, duffel bags, backpacks, portfolios, wallets, notebooks, watch straps and much more are available. They're crafted of full-grain leather, the highest grade of leather available, and come with high-quality linings and hardware. Our items are unique designs that can only be purchased from us. We welcome you to read the product reviews to realize how much people adore them.

Leather Bags Corporate Gifts at Steel Horse Leather Co.

Handmade Leather Duffel Bags

These handmade Duffel leather bags look elegant and are always remarkable. The attention to detail and quality from stitching to choice of leather always produces a timeless beautiful leather duffle bag. Our handcrafted Duffel Leather Bags are sturdy and resilient, perfect to transport your important products securely. All our bags are equipped with inside and outside handbags, meticulously designed for your daily clothing and other essentials.

The Dagny Weekender | Large Leather Duffle Bag

The Dagny Weekender will always be dependable for any short trip. Allowing for items to be placed comfortably, compact, and safe. This high-quality design is there to exaggerate functionality and productivity, with a compartment designed specifically for shoes. Other interior pockets are included which will allow for storage of laptops as well as other accessories. It’s completed with a comfortable leather handle that will allow for easy transportation, and also comes with the option of a removable shoulder strap. The Dagny Weekender is the ultimate all-rounder bag.

The Dagny Weekender | Large Leather Duffle Bag

The Endre Weekender | Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

The Endre Weekender is smooth, stylish, and sturdy - a perfect option for school, work, and everything in between. Premium quality leather means that it’s durable and resistant for day-to-day wear and tear, and comes with two holding options: the leather handle or shoulder strap, which is adjustable and removable. This leather duffel bag features an adequate amount of pockets that ensure that all personal items are stored neatly and safely. The black leather provides a classic look that will accentuate over time while maintaining its quality, and functionality.

The Endre Weekender | Vintage Leather Duffle Bag

Vintage Leather Backpacks

Looking for a vintage backpack of leather? Steel Horse Leather, which combines the natural beauty of crafted leather with the roughness of its old leather style, offers the finest vintage leather backpacks. This makes your leather backpack beautiful and timeless. Our bags make a formal or informal complement and are excellent companions on weekends or lengthy trips. Our old-fashioned custom leather bags can hold laptops and other gadgets and other goods secured by our handmade leather covers and metal buckles as well. Our vintage leather bags are fully stored.

The Hagen Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

Genuine cowhide leather with natural creases and lines throughout gives the impression of a true antique. The Hagan Backpack has style and quality, as you'll find its leather soft to the touch but durable enough for daily wear and tear. It's highly versatile in usability, lightweight, and capacious enough to carry tablets, laptops, books, gadgets, and other items with ease. Featuring a large main compartment, two zipped exterior pockets, and a single easy-access front pocket.

Leather Bag Corporate Gifts
The Hagen Backpack | Vintage Leather Backpack

The Asmund Backpack | Genuine Leather Rucksack

Looking for a backpack that combines a rugged aesthetic with effortless style? Look no further than The Asmund. Providing a certain bohemian allure, this bag appears to have done it all and is ready to do it all again; able to compliment any outfit on a casual day out or for a long adventure. It has a large capacity, suitable for storing laptops and other gadgets, along with other day-to-day items, all secured safely with drawstring closure and buckled leather flap. The crazy horse leather has a smooth texture, delicate to the touch, but extremely durable and weather resistant. The shoulder straps are designed for easy adjustments to your comfort, all included straps are genuine leather, as well as the exterior pockets attached to the main compartment - allowing for further storage and efficient accessibility. Getting out there has never been made easier.

The Asmund Backpack | Genuine Leather Rucksack

Handmade Leather Backpacks

These bags and backpacks have handcrafted leather which is pleasant to the touch yet highly sturdy. All the stitches are real leather and the outside pockets on the main portion fit comfortably with the shoulder braces. The individually handcrafted backpacks are constructed with high-quality, handmade, vintage leather to satisfy your everyday demands. Elegance and comfort mix functionality and durability. You can take it to work, school, or travel al fresco. Note, because this bag is created from a natural material, each bag is uniquely colorful and a great choice for leather bag corporate gifts.

The Vali Backpack | Handmade Vintage Leather

The Vali Backpack is the answer to a sophisticated and efficient high-quality leather backpack, fit for all your daily needs. This backpack provides the complete service for school or work, with the main compartment specifically designed for storing books, papers, laptops, and gadgets, and a convenient easily accessible exterior pocket. The sleek, minimal aesthetics of this design make it ideal for men and women with a style to complement any outfit. The leather is all-natural, creating an ever-changing and unique look that is enhanced with the wear and tear of daily life. The backpack has strategically designed straps that distribute the weight evenly across the back and the high-quality leather ensures the straps are long-lasting and comfortable on the shoulders.

The Vali Backpack | Handmade Vintage Leather

The Shelby Backpack | Handmade Genuine Leather Backpack

The Shelby Backpack is a sophisticated fusion of style and utility. This wonderful backpack provides incredible options for carrying your essentials, including a main compartment with a padded laptop case and YKK zipper, and a selection of exterior pockets all with a soft polyester lining. It is perfect for all kinds of travel, whether you’re hiking, camping, or on the daily commute. The bag is designed to stay vertical while on the user's back and the whole weight of the pack is distributed evenly making it extremely comfortable to wear. The material is crazy horse leather, which is durable, long-lasting, and lightweight.

Leather Bag Corporate Gifts
The Shelby Backpack | Handmade Genuine Leather Backpack

Vintage Leather Messenger Bags for Men

With their stylish design of roomy inside compartments, the vintage leather messenger bags for men are made for easy and safe transportation of articles are an awesome choice for the right top corporate gifts for customers. The handcrafted leather messenger bags are suitable for all your needs. The great storage capacity of our Leather Messenger Bags is easy to transfer between the shoulders and the briefcase.

Men's Leather Messenger Bags

These are robust, high-quality grain leather bags that can transport books and computers up to 15 inches, and any other thing insecure condition. The handcrafted Vintage Men's Leather Messenger Bags are constructed of a high-quality, sturdy, dependable product with an evolving natural color.

The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

The Welch letter box is stylish and functional. A great mix of shoulder bag and case, which gives the wearer comfort and storage capabilities. This bag is robust, manufactured from high-quality leather, and can carry precious devices, computers of up to 14" and any other goods safely. Not only is the short case very useful, but it also looks sophisticated, the senior men of the State of the leather sacks, which seem like it belongs to any setting.

The Welch Briefcase | Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

The Viggo Briefcase | Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

The Viggo Briefcase is meant to conveniently transport goods in a corporate atmosphere while complementing your professional style. This leather laptop bag is an ultimate all-rounder which allows objects to be carried effortlessly and safely with its elegant inner layout. The case is constructed of wild, high-quality horse leather, which ensures a reliable, durable product and a natural color. Laptops up to 14 centimeters are securely attached, and there is enough room to support all your work requirements.

The Viggo Briefcase | Genuine Leather Messenger Bag

Custom Logo Personalization

We may add your logo to the items to make them more representative of your company's identity. For an even more personal touch, have the products monogrammed with the recipient's initials. We specialize in heat imprinting, which imprints your logo on the object permanently. Please view our logo on the merchandise to see what this looks like. We'll manage the entire process of creating the logo die and customizing it. If you choose, we may even send the package directly to the address. And if you want us to send a card or pamphlet, that's OK.

Custom leather bag corporate gifts make great presents for anyone. Custom laser engraving of your logo is an easy and effective way to make a gift special and distinctive. You can also have your logo debossed into the leather, giving a truly unique finish.


 Leather Bag Corporate Gifts
Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the process of making a mark on a material, such as leather, with the use of a laser. Using this method, the burnt design will be clean and perfectly positioned on the leather. In addition to having a clean and beautiful look, it will also have a permanent, uniform, and precise image that will not wear off over time.


Debossed Logo Personalization

Debossed Logo Personalization

Debossing is the process of stamping a design, lettering, or logo so that the image appears to be engraved into the surface of an object. At Steel Horse Leather, we use a heat debossing technique that imprints your company logo onto our custom leather products. This method creates a beautiful, dimensional depth to your logo, imprinting it on the leather surface. Debossing is available on qualifying orders. To find out if your order qualifies for the embossing process, please contact us at

Custom Orders

In a world of mass production, we need individuality and custom design. Working with leather enables you to do so in practically every aspect of your life. If you want a hand-made bag that no other colleague will have in the workplace, or if you want to secure your gadgets with a rough style, I believe we can assist.

Steel Horse Leatherworks extremely hard to create a unique product to your exact specifications and desires. So we may exchange a few emails and phone conversations to ensure that we have your desired pattern, and then we dive into your order with zeal and attention to detail. Please keep in mind that we only make unique items from our leather collection and do not deal with other skins.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have about each of these unique designs.

If you want bespoke work, the procedure is extremely simple:

1. Contact us at and let us know the leather creation that’s on your mind.

2. We will make sure your order it’s very clear in our minds and then we will give you an estimate for the cost of the job.

3. Receive your customized handcrafted product
Remember that our warranty is quite easy, even on bespoke purchases. If the Steel Horse Leather Co. product you purchased ever breaks down or becomes damaged, we will repair or replace it at our expense.

Steel Horse Leather offers a wide selection of customized leather corporate gifts.


What payment do you accept?

Our online store accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Afterpay payments. To guarantee payment, customers must complete their transactions before placing their orders.

What is logo debossing?

For corporate orders, Steel Horse Leather provides Blind Brand Debossing (no color applied), which entails indenting the logo into the leather to produce a distinctive effect. As long as the minimum purchase quantity is fulfilled, logo customization is an option.

What is laser engraving?

Our laser engraving and etching technique will stamp your artwork into the leather surface, creating a branded product with quality visibility.

Is there a die charge?

Normally companies charge hundreds of dollars extra to make a custom die or stamp for your logo. Here at Steel Horse Leather, we believe that all customers should have access to professional custom dies and as a result, we have decided to create custom dies for free with a minimum order of bags.

What kind of artwork is required to create a logo die?

We demand a high-resolution picture in.eps,.ai,.pdf, or JPEG format with a minimum of 500 KB or 2MB to achieve optimal outcomes in the customization process. We would like the artwork to be in black and white.

Where can my logo be imprinted?

This is pretty open and we can work with you to find out what works best. We simply need an unobstructed part of the bag to be able to cleanly press a logo.

Can I see a sample with my logo before confirming?

While we cannot imprint a single item with your logo. However, we do provide digital mockups of your logo on the item you choose.

Do I qualify for a discount?

On qualified purchases, we offer volume price reductions and bespoke logo customization. For unique deals, contact a Corporate Sales expert, or fill out the form above to find out specific volume price information for each model you're interested in. Larger orders can be accommodated, and we will do our best to deliver exceptional craftsmanship for your personalized leather gift-giving needs.

What are your payment terms?

We require full payment upon confirmation on all orders with and without personalization. Once you are ready to confirm with full payment, our team will provide an invoice that can be paid online via credit card. We also accept payment by wire transfer. We do not accept ACH Payments.

How do I review a sample before confirming?

If you are planning a substantial order, we recommend that you obtain a sample of the item to ensure that it fulfills your needs. While we do not provide free samples, they are fully refundable as long as there is no personalization on the sample. Samples may be ordered straight from the website.

How long will it take to get my order?

Turnaround time depends on the quantity, style, personalized leather gift, and stock availability. Typically, if we have the quantity and style on hand, we can produce your order within 2 weeks plus shipping time. If we do not have the quantity on hand then it can take up to 3-4 weeks + shipping to produce your leather bag corporate gifts. We are committed to quality craftsmanship for your unique gift.

Why buy leather bag corporate gifts?

Our high-quality leather goods make excellent corporate gifts because they're made to last.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer international shipping.

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